Almost A Very Stinky Situation With A Foggy Windshield

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Almost A Very Stinky Situation With A Foggy Windshield

Post by fastf » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:33 am

You have read about the fogged up windshield but you haven't heard the whole story.The other morning comming home I would go through patchy fog and have to look around the windshield to see to keep on going.Well I was riding along about 50-55 miles and hour and trying to git home when I ran over something in the road I thought it was road kill and really didn't have time to swerve to keep from hitting it.Well I said I'm not having a flat and kept on heading home any how when I got home looked the bike over for any damage and stuff that might have been splashed up on it.Well that night I was sitting around waiting for my shift to start a friend asked me did I hit something and I said yes as a matter of fact I did and I said I thought it was something someone had hit I could not tell because of the fogged up windshield and trying to get on home.Then he told me it wasn't road kill it was a skunk and when I came along and hit him it made the skunk mad and my friend said he came along right behind me and the skunk sprayed his truck real good he said he had the air on and it stunk so bad that he had to let the windows down then he says to me that he also hits a armadillo and a dog comming home that morning he said you are one lucky person if that skunk had sprayed me he said I don't think I you would be in to work that night everyone sitting around was about to fall in the floor laughing. I just wondered has any of you Wingers ever had a morning like this?I guess I must be one of the luckiest people around .

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Re: Almost A Very Stinky Situation With A Foggy Windshield

Post by bobalooby1 » Sun May 01, 2011 1:59 pm

LOL... i've never yet have had anything like that happen... But i found the cure for the foggy windshield... Plain old shaving cream.! smear this on both sides of your winshield.... allow it to dry..... buff it off... no more foggy windshield.! sounded like a crackpot idea when i first heard of doing this... But it actually works...! Tested it one summer evening as the sun was setting and the evening dew began to settle on the winshield... it used to always fog up then.... used the shaving cream and viola!... no fog.....!! :)

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Re: Almost A Very Stinky Situation With A Foggy Windshield

Post by ka9nyn » Sun May 01, 2011 4:56 pm

Yup, plain old Barbasol! Used it on my aircrew visor in Japan & S.E. Asia,
even w/ all the humidity, worked great and cheap!
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