CMA Run for the Son

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CMA Run for the Son

Post by tfdeputydawg » Thu May 05, 2011 6:47 am

Every CMA chapter will hold a 100mile ride, many will have ride prizes, food, bikes games, etc. at the end of the run.
This ride provides funds for several around the world benefits:
1. We provide funds to “Missionary Ventures” who purchase and distribute motorcycles, motorbikes, trail bikes (even a horse!) to forgien missionaries in countries where travel any other way is normally on foot.
2. We provide funds for the distribution of the “Jesus” film produced in many languages and distributed around the world
3. We provide funds to “Open Doors” who prints and distributes Bibles around the world, even in places the written word is prohibited.
4. We also support “Home Missions” to assist in the printing and distribution of multitudes of tracts, New Testaments, the Spoke-N-Word (Gospel of John), and paper cups with the message of the Gospel printed on them. These cups are used to distribute the free water and coffee at races and rallies, with the hope of making an impact at major events that hundreds of thousands of bikers attend.
Find out more here:
Find your closest CMA Chapter here: Just enter a state name and all Chapters in that state will be displayed. When you click on the Chapter closest to you, at the bottom of their page, click on events to learn the locations and times for their ride.
OR if you want, you may donate through my PayPal account. Make sure you mark the transfer as a gift so PayPal will not withhold a fee. Transfer your donation to : I will see that all funds donated go to CMA marked for RunForThe Son.
Thank you and Blessings

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