engine temperature

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engine temperature

Post by droidman_99 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:23 pm

hello just purchased a 1986 aspenclade 1200 noticed this weekend the temperature gauge i.e.lcd display seemed to operate with in range on 2 lane roads.as soon as i entered the highway and ecellerated to 70 mph engine temp rose to 8 and then 9 bars on l.c.d. previous owner had had issues with fan motor and had a toggle switch installed for this reason when temp began to rise flip switch fan comes on problem solved right? i ran with the switch on and fan was working for 3 hours at 70 mph and engine temp continued to rise but very slowly when lcd reached 9 bars i stopped and let it cool again fan is running ambient temp that day was in the mid 90s did not fell any hotter on my leg and did not smell hot yes plenty of coolant looking for suggestions or answers any input would be appreciated thanx

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Re: engine temperature

Post by mikeyb » Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:21 am

My 85 over heated last summer and warped the heads ended up 1/2 the radiator core was pluged.

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Re: engine temperature

Post by virgilmobile » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:25 am

The fan should come on at "about" 195 degrees.Driving in the heat here ,92 degrees,my 1200 will cycle the fan in slow (<25 mph)traffic,but will stay off above that.It has enough air flow to keep it cool.
I suspect that if your bike gets hot at highway speed,there is a cooling problem beyond the switch.
I would look carefully at the thermostat,hoses,pump,radiator,cap,expansion tank and so on.When all is OK ,it should act just like your car cooling system.

By your description of the problem,I suspect the thermostat is missing or stuck open.It absolutely must be there as it regulates coolant flow to the radiator.Replace the coolant,It does have a effective life span.

The fan is there to create a artificial air flow.Above 35 mph the fan is useless as it can only draw just so much air through the radiator.

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