Water Pump

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Water Pump

Post by wingman37 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:26 am

Hi all, last time I posted I just bought a 1983 GL1000 and changed the timing belts. I have done 4000km since then and she runs like a charm. I heard a change in the engine sound .... a whiney noise that changed with rpm. One day as i arrived home from work the fan was on for the 1st time, and I thought it was funny as it wasnt a hot day. The next morning as I arrived at work the fan was once again on and being a balmy 7 degrees c ... I knew something was up. I had been planning to adjust the valves and change the oil anyways. So I set everything up that evening so I could do the valves the next day (garage cold) and at the same time I gave her a once over. I found oil in the coolant overflow (oh no) always thinking the worst case senario thoughts of head gaskets or even worse a cracked head flashed though my mind. Take it easy and go step by step I thought. 1st I had no water in the oil 2nd no white smoke or low coolant levels ... take the plugs out and check condition... they were nice golden brown. Feeling much releaved i went for the water pump.... so I removed the impeller cover and grabbed the impeller ... eureka the impeller had play on the shaft. I removed the front cover and then the waterpump.
I just ordered the pump from honda $ 169.00 + the gaskets and seals for a $ 211.00 bill ... it could have been worse!! So now im waiting for parts and as Honda is closed 4-5 october for inventory, it will be some time next week for the parts (its been raining anyways)
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Re: Water Pump

Post by virgilmobile » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:03 am

It's not uncommon for the bearings to give up.They are a sealed bearing and do not get any lubrication from the engine.Mine lasted about 110k miles.All is well.

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