aftermarket seat for 1800

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wayne ian
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aftermarket seat for 1800

Post by wayne ian » Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:46 pm

I was viewing member photos and I noticed that Bagman has an aftermarket seat. I was wondering what his thoughts were about it, or maybe someone has another brand and would care to share opinions. I like mustange seats but they are expensive.

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Re: aftermarket seat for 1800

Post by WingAdmin » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:03 pm

I think you're talking about this picture?

I'm pretty sure that's a Corbin seat/backrest. They are also, well, extremely not cheap. :) But in my mind, worth every dollar. I also have a Corbin seat on my 1500, and it's no question the most comfortable seat I've ever sat on (on a motorcycle, at least).

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Re: aftermarket seat for 1800

Post by themainviking » Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:20 pm

It has been my experience that Corbin seats vary as to whether they are comfortable or not. I have a friend who has one on his GL1800 and it is like a rock.. He loves it, I hate it.. I have another friend who has a Corbin on a Valkyrie, which is not hard as a rock, but is quite firm. He hates it, I love it. On my GL1800, I have an Ultimate seat, which is quite firm, but not hard. I love the seat, which is as expensive as a Corbin. When I bought the Ultimate seat, I had great difficulty dealing with the company. First, they were to have my seat ready, and then when I arrived (250 mile drive) to get it, it was not ready, and they wanted me to hang around for ten hours for them to get it ready. I told them they could keep it, so they said they would drop everything they had going and get it ready in three hours. I looked around and it did not seem that they had anything going on at all. They had it done in two hours. Then after I had it for a good test, like about 4,000 kms (2500 miles) and decided I liked it, I ordered the rain covers for it, which took them four months to supply, at added cost over what they would normally charge as they charge their products out at whichever currency is doing best at the time, US or CDN. The seat is fantastic, but I did not have great luck with the company representative in Toronto, and when I emailed the owner of the company, his response was that not all transactions go as smoothly as everyone would like. Corbin - they were great to deal with, but wanted almost the cost of the seat to ship it to me from California. I did not buy it, and am glad I did not after riding on my buddies. I have one other friend who has a Hartco on his GL1800 and he likes it better than the stock seat, but says it is not more comfortable.. just shaped differently where his thighs are. He paid about the same as it would have cost to have his stock seat revamped to the same shape. Corbin cost was $999 plus $610 Shipping. Hartco was, I believe, about $500 to $600, and my Ultimate, which I chose to buy heated (although I probably wasted money doing that) was $1575. I could have had it for about $900 unheated and should have chosen that way, because for cold weather riding, I could have just put my stock seat back on. My wife agrees on the comfort of the Ultimate and the lack of comfort of the Corbin.
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Re: aftermarket seat for 1800

Post by actionpack » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:43 pm

don't even no what kind of seat i had on my wing , it was like sitting on the couch , it was appostered on the top , it could of been a road sofa , nice seat


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