How to replace your choke cable

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How to replace your choke cable

Post by WingAdmin » Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:51 pm

Changing your choke cable is fairly easy to do. It is easier if you remove the false tank and air filter housing first, but it is not necessary, and can be done leaving those in place. I bought my replacement choke cable at Puget Sound Motorcycles' eBay store at a very good price.

1. Remove the side panels.

2. At the knob end, there is a plastic nut holding the choke control onto its bracket. Unscrew the nut to loosen it from the bracket, then remove it.


3. On the right side of the bike, just behind the rearmost carburetor, is a bracket with a philips screw.


4. Loosen (but do not remove) the screw, so that the metal piece it holds in place becomes loose enough that it can be rotated around, freeing the choke cable.


5. With your finger, push the black plastic choke actuator upwards, so that the cable can be rotated around, and it, along with the cable end, can be slid out the side of the choke actuator.


6. Tie a string tightly to the cable end. From the handlebar end, gently pull the choke cable out of the motorcycle, pulling the string out behind it. The string is used to ensure the cable is routed exactly the same way when the new cable is installed.

7. Untie the string from the old cable, and tie it to the cable end of the new cable. You may want to lubricate the cable before installing it.

8. Route the cable back through the motorcycle, pulling gently on the string to ensure it goes the same route as the old cable.

9. Insert the cable end into the choke actuator.


10. Hold the end of the cable sheath so that the metal portion is flush with the bottom of the bracket. Rotate the hold-down bracket, and tighten the screw to hold it in place.


11. Slip the choke cable onto the bracket, and tighten the plastic nut to hold it in place.


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Re: How to replace your choke cable

Post by Jeff_65 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:08 pm

It looks rather easy, but is the process the same with pull choke vs the thumb lever choke that's on my 83 1100 Int ?
My cable has a slight kink at the top.
Hard to see the kink, it's right at the spot of cable you can see.
Jeff 8-)

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