How to repair Fuel light and Travel Navigator/computer

Step-by-step tutorials on how to maintain and fix your GL1200
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How to repair Fuel light and Travel Navigator/computer

Postby sportsfreaked » Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:05 am

The problem arose where my fuel light would not come on when it was suppose to (low on fuel) and on my travel navigator/computer I had the flashing dashes under QTY and RANGE. The fix is a $0.66 THC Thermistor part on the fuel sending unit. This is how to fix that issue.

I ordered my via The part number for the THC Thermistor from Newark is 20F735. The actual manufacture of the Thermistor is AMPHENOL ADVANCED SENSORS and their manufacturing part # RL2004-582-97-D. I ordered 4 of the thermistors from Newark and with USPS shipping it was $8.00. You will need a soldering iron and a solder removal tool as well.

First thing is to remove the seat and then remove the fuel sending unit from the tank. When you remove the sending unit you will see a small canister towards the bottom that has a yellow wire connected to it.
It's best to leave the canister connected to the rod. If you look at the bottom of the canister you will see a blob (technical term) of solder. This is where one lead is soldered to the canister. Remove the solder from the bottom of the canister.

You then want to remove the black "top" from the canister. This will take patience and a very small screwdriver or small pry tool. You will see some "tabs" I believe two of them. Try to bend those back and away. Then remove the black piece from the top.
You can see the lead where it is soldered to the black top. You can cut that lead and remove the solder from the black top. You can now cut the yellow wire on top of the black top. Take a small drill bit and drill out the old thermistor. It will look like this when you are done

Inside the canister is the other lead (wire) that you unsoldered in the beginning. You will need a pair of tweezers to remove it if it hasn't already fallen out. You will see a small home in the bottom of the canister in the center and this is where one lead will go thru and soldered to the canister. This is the Thermistor You will need to carefully bend the leads so it looks like this
take one lead and feed it thru the hole in the bottom of the canister.
You will need to cut the lead towards the bottom of the canister. This is how mine looked after cutting it for reference
I used a piece of tape to hold the long lead to the metal post to hold it in place while I soldered the bottom.

Now strip a very small amount of insulation from the yellow wire. Apply some solder to the bare wire that you just stripped and feed the yellow wire thru the top of the black piece. Now feed the lead from the thermistor thru the bottom of the black piece. Move the black piece down towards the canister. Now solder the wire to the lead
Now push the black top into the canister and bend the tabs back over. You can then snip the rest of the lead that is left over. I then dropped some solder into the top of the black top where the yellow wire feeds into.

Just put the sending the unit back in the tank and now your fuel light will come on when low on fuel and your travel computer QTY and Range will now work as well. Hope this helps someone. Ed

Thanks to all who answer and help. It is greatly appreciated!

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