Alternative side cover grommet pin repair

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Alternative side cover grommet pin repair

Post by MDRanger » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:48 pm

In applying the finishing touch to my 'new' 1500 SE I had a couple broken pins to repair. I am sure most of you know of the ABS glue method. I used a material that I believe makes an actually stronger bond with a rubber backing. The patch adhesive used here is a square cut from common roofers aluminum flashing tape. It is peel off sticky tape and will bond to any non porous surface similar to permanent auto trim. You can purchase replacement pins with instructions to use J B Weld, which will not hold for long, or you can make pins by building up a large wood screw with J B weld and grinding down to desired size. The J B weld works fine to initially glue the pin to the side cover and build up the flange around it. When it dries it will interlock to the pin taper for a permanent flange. Refer to the attached pictures to attach the flange, forever, to the side cover. Punch a small hole in the patch at the correct place to pull down over the flanged pin. You can get the aluminum tape at home depot,lowes, or ace hardware etc. Hope this helps anyone less artistic with the abs goo. Enjoy! :D

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