EC single shooter LED driving lights

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EC single shooter LED driving lights

Post by » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:55 am

Design Problem?
I had these lights installed on my 2012 GW. Love the look and brightness. However I noticed minor spider cracks around all top 4 mounting screws in my lower cowling.
I returned to show my dealer assuming that they had been over tightened or pilot hole drilled too small. He agreed that it shouldn't have cracked around each mounting hole and was willing to replace the lower cowling. He also called his master GW tech to have a look. The tech thought that because these lights mounted to the top inside plastic of the cowling instead of the engine it was caused by a design flaw which allows the light to flex back and forth over bumps causing stress fractures. Said it would only happen again on the new cowling.
In all fairness I contacted the manufacturer and they explained that they had sold thousands of similar heavier units with no problems and have sold these new units since January with no complaints.
Anyone having similar problems?

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