spare or Dead Radio

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bootlace 256
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spare or Dead Radio

Post by bootlace 256 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:48 am

G'day from the Oven 8-)
I believe it is a bit cool in your part of the world those in the northern part anyway,
not wanting to brag but it is the opposite over here bloody hot and dry you have ice storms we have heat waves( and i still have clipped wheels ,they get unclipped in Feb) ;)
very bad in the south and by the time it gets here it will have cooled a bit still expecting in excess of 43 degrees next week.
any how onto the topic of this post , By the way I hope all is well with everyone ( watched a video of ice coming off a lake and into houses not sure where it was but eerie.) :shock:
As some may be aware I'm endeavoring to fit a UHF Radio ( Aust ) to my 2012 GL1800 something that others have tried (we are a glutton for punishment).
in reading many papers and such I think I can get this done however what would be good is if i could get my hands on a dead ( very sick or unwanted ) American CB,
that would give me the correct harness to connect my modified radio ( of course Honda uses their own type of connectors) without butchering the bike's wiring.

by the way it has been suggested that I convert an American radio to suit just not possible to much of a different animal ( European need to shift US Radios down by 5kHz hence the change of crystals)
now as these devices never saw the light of day over here Honda Aust just gives you a blank stare when asked about them.
once i have the details sorted and a working setup I intend to post the workings here so others can do the same.


Bootlace 256
Gatton ,QLD Australia

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