Australian MotoGP

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Australian MotoGP

Post by redial » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:11 am

The MotoGP was held last weekend at a magic circuit, at a place called Phillip Island. It was a purpose built motorcycle race track, and is adjacent to the sea (being an island, I guess you have to expect it). The race was run by Valentino Rossi on a Yamaha, but that is not what is of concern.

MotoGP has decided to eliminate any different outcomes that are claimed by the tyre manufacturers. To this end, they have standardized on Bridgestone tyres until the end of 2015. Bridgestone obviously saw this as an opportunity to move more tyres onto the mc community. Earlier this year, Bridgestone developed an asymmetrical tyre for the front, and had tested it to their satisfaction. However, on Friday, which was a "practice day" there were a number of 'offs', and they blamed the tyres. (These 'offs' were around 240Km/h (about 150mph), and the riders were not happy, to say the least.) Mind you, how they can get up and walk away afterwards will only a few bruises is beyond belief!

Come race day, the asymmetrical tyre (different rubber on one side, probably because of the preponderance of right hand turns) was the reason given by the riders for coming off. The Ducati waited until the second last lap, and was gaining on the leader with only a small time difference between them, when he had his off. Although the rider got up okay, well it is relative, his mc was a mess. One rider smashed his racing windscreen with his fist at his frustration at coming off when he did. These tyres do not appear to be user friendly!

The good news is that Michelin will be the tyre supplier for all of the MotoGP teams in 2016, so we will have something different. Bridgestone must be scratching their collective heads at the bad result from this race, and they had technical representatives present to advise the teams on which tyres to run, according to the cooler (around 20C (about 69F)) weather for the event.

As tyres are often discussed here, and I know that a lot use Bridgestones, just be aware of these race results.

Len in Kapunda

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