broke off a mounting bolt on left front caliper mount

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broke off a mounting bolt on left front caliper mount

Post by giturgun » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:17 pm

Boy some days are just a challenge. I decided to change the left front pads because I had to do the rear and wanted new on the front/ rear system.
Took off the caliper cover and the top bolt , then the 6 mm one just twisted in 2 , should have not broke that easy. I put the caliper in a 4 inch vise and after carefully center punching drilled the bolt stump out. I could not get the bolt to move at all So since the caliper was ruined anyway I decided to experiment a little.
Drilled the bolt all the way out just over the 6 mm size . Then drilled the back side with a 1/2 inch bit just deep enough to surface flush mount a 6 mm nut. Then I drilled the recessed hole for the bolt to a just over a hex head cap screw and reassembled the bike with new pads and all parts re lubed after a cleaning using stainless steel fasteners at reassembly .
All works well and it saved some bucks and down time . When I do the right side I am probably going to modify it also. The only thing I am going to do extra is use 2 ton epoxy to hold the nut in place.

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