Opinions On Shell T5

Technical information and Q&A applicable to all years and models of Goldwings
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Re: Opinions On Shell T5

Post by AZgl1800 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:34 pm

as I have mentioned, I am using T6 in 5w40 in the GL1800, and yes, the 5w is only important for the first few minutes of operation... that is evidenced if you will read the oil report I have attached, the 2nd block where it shows the viscosity values.

The following is a sample tested for my 2007 Pontiac Vibe, it had an extended oil run on it at 15,610 miles... an oops on my part, because of my wife's extended hospital stay, and then when she passed, I went into the doldrums for six months....

Finally had it changed out to Mobil-1 5w20 which was what I thought it had in it before, but nope, the shop told me they put Valvoline it last year.
( 5w20 is GM Spec )

Sent in a sample of the old oil, and they correctly identified it as Valvoline and commented that while a tad high for iron and Aluminium that it was "within expected values for the mileage run"

He said that if I want to stay at 15,000 miles it would be "okay" but that most of their synthetic oil reports are done at 6,100 mile national average.

So, guess I will watch and try to change it at a more reasonable mileage point.

I called in pretty late in the day, and a lab technician answered the call.
Pretty interesting guy, he owns a CB-750 and an older MotoGuzzi also.

I asked him about motorcycle oil tests, and he told me that by far and away, that Shell Rotella T5 and T6 are the Most Popular synthetic oils in use for motorcycles.

Couldn't get him to say "which oil is the best" :mrgreen:

just for a frame of reference, he said that the Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphate content identified the oil as Valvoline along with the other additives. Said it stuck out like a sore thumb to the lab boys...

Nice guy to talk to, enjoyed my visit with him.

see the oil report attached

'02 Gl1800 Hot Rod Yellow,
daughter named her Big Bird :lol:

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