Stale tires?

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Stale tires?

Post by BladeRunner9 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:14 pm

I recently recieved an interesting e-mail about the life span of NEW tires. It was about auto tires,but, I'm sure the same thing applies.
It spoke of the the numbers after the MTO; E.G. on my wings rear tire ( new ) the last 4 #'s are 3108...that signifies that tire was manufactured on the 31first week of 2008. The e-mail went on to state tires that are 6 or more yrs old are considered "unsafe" as they begin to "dry out" at that point.
Many of these tires were found at a lot of big box stores; Sears was one mentioned..some tires were over 12 yrs old! They were still being sold and customers were told they are safe.
When in fact they are not. so, just a "heads up" if anyone is replacing tires, check the date codes! It may save your life...... :shock:

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