Windshield swirls, hazing and scratches...dont buy new!!!!

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Windshield swirls, hazing and scratches...dont buy new!!!!

Post by guitarlos » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:04 am

My windshield must be at least almost 30 years old and I think its the original one! I had several swirls and it had a white haze to it.

A buddy of mine used some Novus Plastic polish on it with a buffer and after one application, the difference was monumental! Its a 3 step process with the Novus chemicals, but Ive only used the number 2 polish and let me tell you, Im glad that I tried this before going out and purchasing a new shield.

My buddy took pictures, so I'll ask him to send them to me with before and after pics, wow what a huge difference!

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