New stage act

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New stage act

Post by Bouvier1 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:41 am

A guy goes to a stage agent with an aligator under his arm. He puts the gator on the agents desk and explains that he has a new act. The agent dismisses him saying "We've seen gator wrestling before it's just not the in thing".
The guy does a quick demonstration by pulling open the gators mouth and before the agent can say anything unzips and puts his manhood into the mouth of the gator. The gators mouth slams shut but stops only a fraction of an inch away from biting.
The guy simply taps on the head of the gator and the mouth is opened and he quickly pulls himself out and zips up again.
The agents astounded and signs him straight away. Within a day he is on stage to a crowd of a thousand in the audience.
He places the gator on a table in the middle of the stage and opens the gators mouth, unzips and again places his manhood in the mouth of the gator which snaps shut and stopping a fraction away from an actual bite. The audience are stunned the guy taps the gator on the head but it doesn't open he then hits it hard and it opens its mouth, he pulls back quickly and again zips up. The audience go wild, clapping and yelling and stamping.
He raises his hands to silence the audience and says "Would anyone in the audience care to have a go".
Everyone sits silently and no-one moves. Again he says "Would anyone care to have a go - come on now ladies and gentlemen show how brave you are". Again deathly silence .
Suddenly from the back of the audience comes a small hand in the air and an old lady says "I'll have a go".
The guy is taken aback by this and says "Are you sure madam?"
"Yes" comes the reply "but you've got to promise not to hit me on the head as hard as you did that gator".

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Re: New stage act

Post by liljack » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:41 pm

That's pretty good, but where is the rest of the story :lol:

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