Modern Science

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Modern Science

Post by waituntilthebeep » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:26 am

Modern Science has found a new disease. Many have known it for a lifetime but never had a name (or an acronym as the medical field likes to do). It is called PMS. Women know what it is but what they didn't know is that men can get it too. Far more men get it than women, which was a surprise initially but when science realized the scope of the disease... well, it made more sense. Oddly enough, PMS in women sparks the male version and creates the desire in men to run to their man cave and tear things apart, all the while dreaming of better days. This is the basis for the new findings on PMS, or Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. Things that cause the most occurrences of PMS are bad weather, long hours at work, the visits by the Mother-in-Law during the winter months and just about every other thing known to humanity when the motorcycle can't be ridden safely. It has been believed that some countries suffer more frequently than others from this ailment. Canada is a prime example because, well... it just gets friggen cold up there and it's hard to ride a Goldwing in 6 feet of snow. Some have tried it though with limited success. Goes to prove that if you have enough bacon in you, anything becomes possible.

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Re: Modern Science

Post by rescue1042 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:54 pm

AMEN!!! I hear ya!
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