Towing for fun

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Towing for fun

Post by roller » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:02 pm

Had a great day riding on this twisted road. A hitch hiker down the road wanted a lift. I stopped and asked him where to drop him off, noticed he had a nice pair of roller skates on. I tossed out a rope and said hey, hold on to this. I tow you. This will be fun. Got it going and down the road i kind of forgot I had him back there. The road is really entertaining for a bike rider with many turns and I got carried away. Later I looked behind and found only a torn rope was hanging back there. Not a sign of the hitch hiker. I turned around and started searching for him but there was no sign of him. I did find his skates. If anyone recognize these skates give me a call. :roll:

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