North American Knives SOG knife

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North American Knives SOG knife

Postby Dogsled » Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:21 pm

Being a tradesman all my life i've carried a knife on my belt for easy access (gloves/dirty hands) anyway when I retired I wanted to treat myself to a "gold watch" knife and bought a SOG ( ... knife_s10p) This is supposed to be a top of the line military grade knife (that should have given away the quality right there).
I've carried Schrade and Western's and always felt I got my money out of them, a few licks on the stone every morning before starting work and I was ready. I even had a Case I got good duty out of.
Well after a year of just riding after retirement and carrying this SOG, the sheath virtually fell apart. It was that cheaply made. I called them and they said they don't warranty ANYTHING......YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! The most I ever dumped on a knife with high ratings and they did anything but hung up on me.

I'm not a big fan of stainless steel blades over plain steel blades.....stainless steel will dull just looking at a piece of paper let alone cutting through it. I spent more time on my lansky with the SOG than my lawnmower blade.
Then top off he fact that the handle weighs (seemingly) twice as much as the blade and flips around in the cheap sheath.

Yesterday I finally took a hammer to the thing and easily pounded it into the scrap steel I believe it came from..........and I'm out for a new blade. I've never carried less than a average 5"-6" blade and was wondering if anyone has a history with a well balanced knife that rides well sitting on your bike/belt. I'm not talking about a 12" Rambo knife..... I've seen all those and the knife steel is junk, fyi. Surgical Stainless steel takes on a deadly edge fast BUT goes duller even quicker, but, seems to be all that's made anymore.

Emphasis is gonna be well balanced and rides well in the sheath and holds an edge (steel blade)

Soooo, any suggestions out there on a good blade brand or model. No folding knives. A good quality, sharp, strong, knife in a well made sheath..........

Just curious before I get screwed again........

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Re: what's outside ur wallet?

Postby themainviking » Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:02 pm

You want a good sheath, you make it yourself. Buck knives come with okay sheathes, but you would not like the stainless blades. A tool steel blade is probably what you are looking for, and most of those are from custom knife makers. We get some of them at just about every flea market we ever see around here. I know a blacksmith who makes totally custom Atames for the Pagan followers in this area, and he can make just about any type of blade you could want. He is very pricey tho. He lives in the Kitchener, Ontario area, and attends all the Pagan Gatherings. If you seriously want the sort of blade these custom guys make, then you have to look them up. Gun shows, flea markets and Pagan Gatherings. For the sheath, take the knife to a Leather shop that makes motorcycle saddlebags and the like, so it can be custom fit to the knife.
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Re: what's outside ur wallet?

Postby Dogsled » Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:37 am

Yeah.....I never heard of the Pagan gatherings. A good knife/sheath combo is one you put on first and see how it feels. We do have a leather shop nearby. I used to make them and have all the tools. For awhile Tandy leather used to have stores all over here and you could pick out what you needed. They're internet now and you have to buy half a cow to get a deal and it's nice to feel what you're buying to see if it's what you want. They are helpful on the phone on getting what you need.
I used to buy Western and Shrades, all steel but it seems like in the blink of an eye they all went to Stainless. I used my one Western for a crowbad and would beat the slag off of welds if I didn't have a chipping hammer handy.....I'd give it a few licks on a medium stone and it was back in use, I finally sharpened it enough to where it was out of balance. It's a handy tool. I got used to carrying one when I was working, if your hands were dirty you wouldn't be reaching in your pocket for a folding knife.
Like I said about the SOG, too top heavy in the sheath, you only learn that after 8 hours on your belt that you are always moving and fiddling with it.. When you forget you have it on after awhile, that's a keeper
I will try to get to flea markets to see what they have, good idea. I just got so frustrated with this SOG I figured I'd post to see if there are any good plain steel stuff still out there. Thanks for the tips though.
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Re: what's outside ur wallet?

Postby macgyver0856 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 4:18 pm

Ray Rogers, I use to work on his motorhome back in the early/mid 90's and this dude makes some awesome knives!

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