Product Review - seatcover by firma_wijalis

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Product Review - seatcover by firma_wijalis

Post by wiredgeorge » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:34 pm

Just bought a seat cover from a Polish company that sells on US eBay and UK eBay. I actually bought the cover from the UK site. Cover was $99 and shipping to Texas $30. They ship out of Europe... Germany I think. Anyway, I was impressed when I saw the cover on eBay and placed my order. I was contacted by the company and they asked what type thread to use on the Goldwing emblem and stitching and from there I we were set. I ended up using dark green to match my dark green 97 trike. Since the cover is manufactured after purchase it takes about 2-3 weeks for them to ship and it arrived at my shop in about 3 weeks total. Workmanship is FANTASTIC. The material is top rate as is the stitching and attention to detail. My old cover was cracking at the seams and was pitched. To my surprise, someone has put a gel pad under the cover. No glue or fastening and it has slipped off to the side. Just pitching the disgusting gel pad (it was leaking too) helped comfort. I scooped a bit out where my tailbone is parked and rounded off the edges of the foam under my legs and now the seat is a dream. For anyone who hasn't messed with a GL1500 cover, it is only stapled on and not glued to the foam so switching it out is a snap. There are strings glued to the underside of the cover and these are kept in place by putting a small piece of plastic through the end and pulling tight into notches in the seat pan bottom. Only issue I had was that the replacement cover didn't have the two strings installed that would hold the passenger part but once the whole thing is installed, the passenger part of the cover lies down OK and seems to be in place. You can see a cover being sold on eBay by searching for eBay auction # 131231423153.

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Re: Product Review - seatcover by firma_wijalis

Post by wingpilot08 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:26 am

That is a nice looking cover!!!
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Re: Product Review - seatcover by firma_wijalis

Post by STer » Sat Aug 02, 2014 10:00 am

I have been considering purchasing one of these covers as well, and have Spencer put it on when he reworks my saddle. But he wanted to know what material it was before he would commit to putting it on. DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE MATERIALS IT IS?
Thanks, Ron

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