Pakit Rak Windshield/Dash Cover

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Pakit Rak Windshield/Dash Cover

Post by WingAdmin » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:40 pm

When you have a large, tall windshield like the Tulsa Tall on my GL1500, you have to be very careful about where you park - or to be more precise, in what direction you park. The back (concave) side of the windshield acts as a giant parabolic mirror. If you park in a way that the sun will travel behind your bike, the windshield will focus that sunlight down to a very small spot, directly onto your dashboard area. The heat produced by this focused sunlight is enough to melt the dashboard! The ignition key trim on my bike is slightly melted for this exact reason.

The other problem with a big windshield is dirt and dust. I carry a can of Pledge and towels so that I can continually clean my windshield, but it's a pain to leave my bike in the parking lot in work in the morning with a clean windshield, only to have to come out in the afternoon and clean the windshield off before I can ride again!

The solution to both of these problems is a windshield cover, and the one I selected is the Pakit Rak windshield and dashboard cover.
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover from the front
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover from the front
This lightweight, UV-resistant and waterproof cover folds up extremely small, so it takes up next to no space. It takes seconds to install, and the inside is soft, to protect your windshield against scratches. The outside is a dull silver, to reflect as much heat as possible.

It has velcro fasteners that fasten it in place around the handlebars:
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover velcro fasteners
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover velcro fasteners
And just behind this are elastic fasteners with quick-release stays that allow you to fasten the cover to the mirror adjustment levers, to prevent the cover from blowing away in even the strongest winds. The cover goes all the way down to the seat, so your dash, ignition bridge, radio and gas flap are all covered and protected from the elements:
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover from the back
Pakit Rak Windshield Cover from the back
I found that you can unlock and open the gas tank flap, tuck the hem of the cover in the bottom, then close and lock the gas cap. This locks the cover in place, and it cannot be removed without being cut, or by first unlocking and opening the gas flap.

How does it work? Quite well! It completely stopped the dust from settling on my windshield during the day, and I can park without having to worry if the sun will pop out behind my bike and melt my dashboard. It folds up extremely small, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if required.

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Re: Pakit Rak Windshield/Dash Cover

Post by SknzCovers » Thu Feb 16, 2017 3:29 pm

You could also take a look at the SKNZ Shade Cover for your bike. It packs small and keeps harmful UV rays off the top of your bike as well!

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Re: Pakit Rak Windshield/Dash Cover

Post by MikeB » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:07 pm

Nice product. Great for a short stop, especially when it is raining.

What I always did for the 12 hours I was at work however, was to use an UltraGard half cover. A windshield cover just didn't seem to cover enough. The half cover takes up very little room in the saddlebag. For about the same price as a Pakit Rak Windshield/Dash cover, you can cover your fairing, windshield, seat and trunk.
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