What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by ricconhan » Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:43 am

14 years old my dad took me to Sioux City in his brand new 1968 Ford station wagon we went to the Honda shop and picked up a 1964 Honda 125 scrambler, I was a proud of young lad.....I wanted to ride it home but of course I didn't have a driver's license and so dad and I loaded it in the back end of that station wagon and hauled it home, I rode that thing everywhere and every day I was able to have a school permit and rode it to school everyday even when there was a couple inches of snow on the road ended up with frostbite around my legs were my socks and pants separated and also froze my hands, but I was bound determined to ride my motorcycle everywhere and all the time.

1983 Honda Goldwing Aspencade
California Sidecar

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by jadeuel » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:28 pm

Always had big bikes, kind of one of those once you've had....never go back. I had them in the order they appear below...and if you ever get a chance to ride a Suzuki TL1000R it is a blast and a serious Torque Monster!

1984 Yamaha FJ1100
1984 Yamaha FJ1100

1993 Suzuki GSXR 1100
1993 Suzuki GSXR 1100

2002 Triumph 955 Sprint ST
2002 Triumph 955 Sprint ST

2003 Suzuki TL1000R
2003 Suzuki TL1000R

2009 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic (Stripped Down)
2009 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic (Stripped Down)

2005 Honda Goldwing GL1800
2005 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by echinus1988 » Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:58 pm

My first experience on a motorcycle was in the Air Force. Late for a practice (Keesler AFB Drum & Bugle Corp) I asked a friend for a lift. He handed me a helmet, I said No Thanks, I'll walk. After all, motorcycles were death machines!

He talked me into it and we went over. I was hooked! A Honda 550 that flooded everytime I rode it but he taught me how to ride and I spent a number of hours on that bike and even took a girl out on dates with it!

I moved onto my next base and couldn't get bikes out of my mind so I tested on a friends Honda 350 and passed. I then bought a 1970 Yamaha XS650 in the very early stage of being chopped. It had slightly raised handlebars and a hooker header with the baffling blown out of it. I was 300 miles from my parents and they helped me find it. The weekend I was to pick it up I returned by bus home and noticed my dad had thoughtfully parked it in the garage and left their car outside. Of course, when he opened the garage door, there was my "new" 650 neatly laid out on blankets in pieces! My dad believed in making sure it was ready to do by rebuilding it. No manual, just his own incredible knowledge of how engines worked. We had it back together and ready to ride the next day. So I putted around town getting used to it and left the next day. My dad was incredible when it came to mechanical things!

Well, put a bunch of miles on that bike in a short time (West and Central Texas so almost year round riding) and decided to upgrade.

I bought a 1977 Yamaha XS750D triple with shaft drive. I loved that bike! I put 32,000 miles on it in only 18 months. I rode everywhere! My car got very lonesome except on bad weather days! I rode that bike until I had a family and decided I needed to make sure I stayed around. So began my 20 something years of four wheels.

About a year ago, I came home to find my birthday present from my son (the instigator), my mom and sister sitting in the driveway. Yes, I listened when he said pull in carefully since my truck blocks my driveway. There was a 1980 Goldwing sitting in my driveway. After much work, cussing, frustration I got it running. Just recently repaired the fuel leak with the help of the great people here! I have about 6,000 miles on it right now.

So I am getting ready to put tires on my 1982 Aspencade next week which will be my next bike. The 1980 will go to my son until we get the 1992 Seca II fixed and ready to run. Then I'll sell the Goldwing and keep the Aspencade.

Oh and my son and I will be working on a 1975 Goldwing to restore that which I think will take about 1-2 years with the work that needs to be done on it. That will be the last bike to work on unless we find any others.

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1978 Suzuki GS750 (Susie - sold)
1979 Yamaha XS650 Custom (Delilah - sold)
1978 Kawasaki KZ400 (Jezebel - sold)

Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by bubba9710 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:06 pm

At age 16, I bought my first bike...and it would be three years before I bought a car. My youth leader at Church had a 1978 KZ400 sitting behind his garage. The original tires were on it and it only had 4500 kms on it. He wanted $400 and it came with owners manual, repair manual, two helmets, a back rest, even a a tool kit! I was in heaven!! I bought it as soon as my parents went to a conference that would take them out if the country. (I was brave but not stupid). I put over 30,000 kms on that bike before my dad took it over to learn on. Since then, I've owned a '79 Yamaha XS650 Special, a '78 Suzuki GS750, rode my dads '84 V45 Magna for a year, and now my '81 GL1100. I'm in the middle of giving her a custom paint job - complete with a lace insert on the fuel shroud. So far, it's looking great! I may be biased. Lol

Keep the rubber side down, folks! - James -

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Jeff M » Mon Oct 12, 2015 6:17 pm

This is a great thread, I've read all the posts. I'm 63 and had my first bike at 19, here goes...

1970 Yamaha RD 350. Lucky I didn't kill myself on it
1972 Yamaha XS 650. Bought it brand new (only new one) put 11,000 miles on it in four months. Sold it that fall when I bought a
1970 BMW R75/5. I loved that bike, it was so much different than everything my friends were riding. Sold it when I got married, but bikelessness didn't last long when I started over with a
1971 Yamaha RD 250. Better than nothing, but I hankered for a bigger one, so got a
1975 Suzuki GT 750. Water Buffalo!! Fast, rode like a pine board. I wanted another Beemer, so sold the GT and got a
1976 BMW R60/6. A real puff, but I wish I had the 750. Marriage failing, wife pissed all the time, so sold it. Divorce! enabled me to get a
1977 Yamaha XS 750 dresser, maroon. A real looker IMHO, and ran/sounded great. Met my present wife on it, she'd never ridden but got quickly hooked. Which led me to a
1984 GL1200, my first Wing. When I rode BMW's I sort of looked down on wings--too big, heavy. Well, when you hit middle age and you yourself are a bit bigger and heavier a Wing is the only way to go. I had that bike for five years and never lost the stator but always feared doing so which led to its replacement by my present ride, a
1998 GL1500. I've had this for 11 years now and have just loved it. That power plant has to be the best engine anyone ever made for anything. Sort of thought it would see me through to the end, but lately I've been thinking pretty seriously about an 1800. I've never ridden one. They say you shouldn't try one out unless you plan on buying it...which is not scaring me off.... :-)

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by punch7 » Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:53 am

WOW! Great pics/stories from all who posted. I just wish I'd had the wisdom to have taken my Kodak Browine early on and taken a few shots of my bikes.

I started my riding career in 1954 on a 1953 Harley 165 two stroke. It belonged to a bud who's dad got it from either Montgomery Ward or Sears when they were selling mail order motorcycles back in the stone age. His dad hid it from his wife, knowing she'd hit the ceiling if she knew about it. My bud slid into some gravel and went down hard. Mom raised holy hell and I wound up with the little Harley. I delivered papers on it until I discovered girls and cars, not necessarily in that order. In high school I rode a Simplex until it came apart. Then I was really into cars, girls, marriage and family. Next was a 125 Yamaha in 1974, well after both my children were born. The same year saw a 250 Yamaha, then a year later, a '75 500 Honda followed over the years by an '81 650 Honda and an '83 Kawasaki 850GS. My wife would never ride any of those bikes with me so in 1989 I brought home an '86 GL1200 Aspencade. Just happened to be the day before Mothers Day so I claimed that I bought it for her present. I managed to get her to ride "around the block" with me and that little ride turned into a three hour journey through the backroads and byways. I created a motorcycle passenger that day and she's never looked back! She's been my riding partner for the last 26 years and we've covered 48 states, most at least twice, seven Provinces of Canada and right at 800,000 miles together on Gold Wings. I wish I'd logged my early solo miles, which included four trips to Daytona in the late 80's, plus Boscobel, WI, Deep Creek, MD and a number of rides to Eureka Springs, AR. After the '86 Aspencade came the 1990 GL1500, a '94 GL1500, an '98 GL1500 all with a matching Escapade trailer. Also during those years there was a 2000 Kawasaki 1500fi Classic for my solo rides. Our first GL1800 was a 2004 model and during that time I also had a 2004 Kawasaki Nomad. LOVE those Nomads!! We sold the '04 wing and Nomad due to health problems, that thankfully we overcame, and this year I found a beautiful 2000 GL 1500SE and we now, thank the Lord, are able to be back on the road doing what we love; riding. Maybe another 800,000 miles? LOVE those Gold Wings!!!

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by SequiMike » Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:58 pm

This is as best I can recall. The year model may be off a bit, and I've probably forgotten a few, but this is what I remember -

19?? Triumph 650 - Hardtail, a real POS
1969 Honda CL90 - My first new "motorcycle". Lots of fun.
1970 Triumph 650 - Better than the other, but still a POS.
1970 Honda 350 - Shifter/brake on opposite side of Triumphs. Fun.
1969 Honda 750 - One of the first 750's. Big step up from Triumph!
197? Yamaha 175 - Took lots of lumps on this one!
197? Yamaha 125 - Bought for wife - she hated it.
197? Husqvarna 250 - Blazing fast, but kept seizing.
197? Honda 450 - Great bike - rode all over.
1977 Honda 750A* - Hondamatic! Kept in storage 25+ years.
1990 Kawasaki Ninja 750 - Very fast!
199? Honda 650 twin - Nice little bike.
1991 Honda CBR1000R - Fun and fast. Too fast for me.
1993 Honda Goldwing GL1500 - Great bike, but top heavy.
2013 Harley Heritage* - Kept dropping the Goldwing, so I bought this.
2002 Honda Goldwing GL1800 - Great bike! Not as top heavy.
2014 Honda Goldwing GL1800* - Smoooth...
1998 Honda Valkyrie 1500C* - Bought recently - a real beast.

* = Still own

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by Lendirk » Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:43 pm

1966 Honda S90, when I was 14
1969 Suzuki T350 (2-stroke, with 6 gears... A real little screamer!)
I crashed that bike when I was in my early twenties, then didn't ride again for many years
2007 Honda VT1100C Shadow Spirit
2008 Honda VTX 1800T
2009 Honda GL 1800 Goldwing with Navigation, ABS and comfort package

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by gypsy traveler » Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:03 pm

was high school in 72, working at burger chef about 30$ a week. A bulletin board at school had a white 66 s90 Honda for sale for $165. The guy let me make time payments...then I got it! Rode it for 2yrs, engine started making noise...found out the crank was broken. Rode the heck out of that thing ...used it like a dirt bike...used it to go down [5mi} on the RR tracks to go fishing. Throttle cable broke on one of those trips. Now that was a rough ride home on the RR tracks with the throttle cable wrapped around my thumb! ...that was 45 bikes+ ago!...endless other stories!

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by GramKate » Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:22 pm

After riding on the back of my husband's GoldWing's for years, I finally got a small bike to learn on. Within 4 months, I was proficient enough to take the Motorcycle Safety Course and pass it with flying colors. My next step was to trade in the small learner bike for a 2012 Honda 750 Shadow Aero in dark red metallic. I love riding so much that I used to ride it work on nice days (30 miles each way) and took every opportunity to ride anywhere and everywhere. It's been six years since I began riding on my own and am still going strong.

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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by trashtruck » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:24 pm

OK, so my riding carer started in the bicentenial with my first bike, a 68 puch 175 which i quickly out grew by the end of the summer. next spring i picked up a 64 triumph tt250 which i absolutely hated and traded for a 74 suzuki rm 400. after a few years of inactivity i picked a a real gem in my neighbors barn, a 62 honda dream. it was an awsome bike until some moron pulled out in front of me and i planted it in his back seat at the cost of a broken foot and 3 cracked ribs. my next investment was a few years later, a cb750f super sport which i had for several years and loved it. after that i decided to shift gears, sold the honda and picked up a 99 suzuki 800 intruder which was nice but i ended up trading it for a class b camper. after that i inherited a 82 gl1100 interstate which i had for a couple of years until i moved and had to sell. i got a little 150 jonway scooter to blast around the city with and ended up trading it for my newest aquizition, an 85 suzuki gv700 v-4 madura.


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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by froglaps » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:53 pm

The first bike I ever rode or owned was a used gs1100gk, bought from a dealer used in flagstaff. It was in horrible shape, had to use a screw driver to start it. The ignition was torn up. I had never even been on a dirt bike before. It was bought out of necessity to get to work. I left the dealer on it, not knowing a damn thing about motorcycles. Ive since logged a ton of miles.. Had my first accident on 4/10/17, I totaled the 2013 wing after hitting some loose salt/sand on a curve. I slid about 120 feet taking out a mailbox on the way. ended up with 4 sutures, and a dozen stitches.. all in all came out pretty good.

Suzuki GS110Gk
83 Gl1100
04 Concours
78 Yamaha XS1100
96 Concours
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Re: What's everyone's two-wheeled History?

Post by OldGold13 » Mon May 01, 2017 9:55 pm

I'm a true Honda guy! I've owned a Honda since I was 16.

1st a 68 Honda 175 CL, silver and black...sold it to my brother
2nd a 72 Honda 500 4, metallic grass green...traded it for my next bike
3rd a 79 Honda GL1000, black, gold pinstripes...still have it and am customizing it
4th a 76 Honda GL1000 LTD 200 year U.S. model, metallic maroon still in showroom condition.
I always have one eye on the local marketplace for that next Honda that I have to buy!



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