1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Post by 1975Bronco » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:59 am

Hello to all - I just got ahold of a 1975 GL1000 in great shape, but I need to replace the gas tank. I've looked around and I see alot of listings for 1976 and 77 tanks. Are they all the same?

Also does anyone have the secret, or repair manual page, they can send me to outline the best way to remove it?

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Re: 1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Post by Placerville » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:38 am

The 1975 through 1977 tanks are the same. Your tank comes out the back. To remove your tank:

- Put bike on it's center stand.
- Remove the seat grab rail and lights.
- Remove bolts that hold tank shelter to frame.
- Remove the single tank retainer bolt from rear (under seat area).
- Remove shock absorbers; (your rear tire should then rest on the floor).
- Remove rear brake caliper bolt.
- Remove cotter pin and rear axle castellated nut.
- Pull the axle out and be mindful of where the caliper goes. Once the axle is out, gently hold the caliper out of the way as you pull the rear wheel free. Don't lose the spacer and pay attention to where it goes.
- At this point, slide the axle back in and mount the rear caliper loosely with its bolt.
- Disconnect your rear lighting connections (bundle of wiring between tank and rear fender under seat area).
- Remove the fender retaining bolts. The rears are visible and there are two other bolts at the leading edge of the fender. Look in and you will see them.
- Remove the rear fender.
- Remove the inner fender.
- Remove the rear master cylinder mounting bolts.
- Remove the 10mm bolts that retain the battery box and swing it out of the way. They're should be 3 bolts; 2 hold the box to the frame and 1 retains the rear brake line and should just need loosened.
- Remove the nut that holds the fuel filter to the front of the fuel tank
- Assuming that you've siphoned the tank, remove the screws that secure the petcock to the fuel tank.
- Remove the fuel filler cap.
- Lift the tank shelter and place something between the filler neck and the bottom of the shelter where the filler neck pokes through. Try a paint stirrer.
- Make sure your fuel level sending unit is disconnected.
- Begin the process of wiggling and wedging and levering the tank out. You will encounter resistance from the clutch cable on the right hand side as well as possibly a breather tube or more.
- Make sure you retain the rubber bushing from the front snout of the fuel tank.
- Keep working at it until it comes out the back.
- It's easier if you let the rear swing arm droop as low as you dare.
- You'll have to manage the rear brake master cylinder and brake lines while you're wrestling the tank out but, that will become apparent. Those components don't really get in the way much once you've got them unbolted, but you should at least be mindful of where the soft line is.
- Clean your tanks sending unit before reinstalling it. Use a new gasket from Honda.
- Prior to installing your (new to you) tank, you must clean it. If you have money to spend, take it to a radiator shop and let them do it or clean it with Evapo-Rust. If you don't have money to spend, use Citric Acid.
- Installation is (mostly) the reverse of removal. Thoroughly clean your splines and coupler then, re-grease them with Honda Moly 60 before re-installing the wheel. The petcock should be completely rebuilt. No exceptions. Get what you need from Randakk.
- You need a shop manual for your '75. Go here.
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Recycled Roadkill
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Re: 1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Post by Recycled Roadkill » Sat Jul 12, 2014 7:20 pm

A rubber hammer is good to have on hand once you've gotten all the rest of the stuff out of the way for removal and replacement of the replacement tank.

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Fred Camper
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Re: 1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Post by Fred Camper » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:18 pm

Not for the timid. Yet the timid do not buy 40 year old motorcycles.

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Re: 1975 Honda GL1000 gas tank question

Post by 1975Bronco » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:48 am

Thanks for the help - I knew I had to take almost everything off except the from tire - Lol I really can't wait to get it working again but I have a feeling it's gonna be a long road.

Also I know the bike runs with either, and revs ok for the two seconds the either is supplying fuel. But when I run gas through the fuel pump it runs like a dog and needs full choke and working with the throttle just to stay running. I have a feeling the carbs need to be cleaned and possible rebuilt. Any quick suggestions of things I may try to get by without having to spend hours tearing it down and or sending it to a shop?

I'm not timid - but I'm getting close. I was given the bike and it's in great shape for a 39 year old bike. But I'm, close to throwing in the towel as I don't have 500 bucks to have a mechanic rebuild the carbs - not to mention the parts.

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