vacuum leak?

Information and questions on GL1000 Goldwings (1975-1979)
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vacuum leak?

Post by deerhunter80 » Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:06 pm

i just rebuilt my carbs and air cutoff valve on my '78 Wing, im having trouble synching to the #3carb. when i get the first 3 carbs synched in, the #3 goes down to "late ignition timing". the bike is sitting at 3000 RPM @ idle. ive tried to lower the idle by adjusting down on the idle screw, but to no avail. finally i was told that it sounded like an intake leak. ive checked my timing belts yesterday and seen that they r in fact in time. ive checked my electronic ignition also and it was just right. i sprayed carb cleaner on my boots and carbs and when i did it to the #3 it idled down to 900 RPM and died. any idea what i have gotten myself into here? i thought spraying carb cleaner on a leak would raise the RPM? never had one lower it and kill it

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Re: vacuum leak?

Post by icemonster » Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:16 am

if you was spraying WD40 on de carb you will notice that the iddle will even rise more. you have a vacuum leak. or it is the hose, the O ring beneath the intake tube, ore the big black rubber that connects the carb and the intake tube. just go that way and you will find it.


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