removing gas tank/gl1100i,1982

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removing gas tank/gl1100i,1982

Post by geo5734036 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:37 pm

I've had crud build up in my interstate's gas tank - The p.o.said he'd removed and cleaned the tank - NOT TRUE!! There is no evidence that he did anything...of course, I found out AFTER I pulled and cleaned the carbs, necessitating a re-do as well as a clean out of the tank. I searched the forum and found no help in this job, other than the removal of the rear wheel assembly. I had to remove the rear rack for the luggage as well as the shocks,fender,battery box,tail light assembly, and several wire harnesses(the faux tank, seat,& fairing are a given). This has been a major undertaking as I have very limited tools and almost no motorcycle experience, but, as I also have very limited funds, I have to do the job myself. After about 12 hours of disassembly I finally got the tank out - with a lot of pinching, stumbling, almost cussing(I'm tryin REAL HARD to be good here)and a couple layers of band aids. :cry: Sloshing out the tank was the easy part!!Now it's time to start the re-assembly - I gotta do it QUICK before I forget what goes where!!I only have 2 auto parts stores nearby and neither has the Moly60 paste for the drive axle, so I gotta use what I got - a 100 mile trip to get grease is not in the budget!! Getting the tank back in was fun - I kicked and manipulated it into submission, and now, since I need to change the soaked band aids, I'm taking a break to write this. I was going to repaint the tank, but I'm glad I didn't since I woulda trashed the paint while kicking :oops: .I did have a lot of trouble getting the axle out - it fought me to the bitter end, then popped out, almost losing one of those spacers in the process! I figured I would finish the re-install of the tank and rear end before I do the carbs again - see, I CAN procrastinate too!!! Another thing I did was put a floor jack under the bike(with a chunk of 2x10 on top) to keep the bike from falling over(again) which is when I had to go find some band aids - not an easy task with 4 kids in the house!!! I'll write more later - I also want to say a hearty thanks to all who have been advising (and sympathizing) me as i undertake this job..
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Re: removing gas tank/gl1100i,1982

Post by D2D » Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:17 pm

I feel your pain, it's not a fun or easy job to do and I've had to do it on all 3 GL1000's I have rebuilt so far. I've found using a bit of cardboard and duct tape helps slide the tank back into position without having to break out the 3 1/2 pounder and a block of wood.

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Re: removing gas tank/gl1100i,1982

Post by WingAdmin » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:13 am

geo5734036 wrote: only have 2 auto parts stores nearby and neither has the Moly60 paste for the drive axle, so I gotta use what I got - a 100 mile trip to get grease is not in the budget!! NOT shortcut this item. You will end up having to replace your rear drive and/or wheel hub. You don't want to do this. Regular grease will get slung right off as soon as the wheel turns at speed, leaving it with no lubrication.

If you don't have it locally, go to where you can get it for under $9, and they'll get it to you fast.

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Re: removing gas tank/gl1100i,1982

Post by MSGT-R » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:17 am

High temperature (disc brake) wheel bearing grease with graphite additive. Available at any autoparts store. You can always stir in more powdered graphite if desired, but I've never had a failure with this stuff.

I don't recall the tank on my '81 being so difficult to get out once all the rear "junk" was out of the way (?), it just took a long time.

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