Air ride 82 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Air ride 82 Aspencade

Post by cjeffers9 » Sun May 20, 2012 6:49 pm

Well finely got it running , I guess the carbs will have to be clean but it is running good, put about 200 miles on it today. Now need to get the air ride , the pump runs the needle moves a little , thats about it . the bike sits low . bumps the pipes going in the driveways. what the way to check for leaks ? ( soapy water ? ) like to know where to start before i start buying 4 dollar o-rings from the honda shop . Can anyone help

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Re: Air ride 82 Aspencade

Post by patbrandon1 » Sun May 20, 2012 11:50 pm

I use my grandkid's bubbles from the toy store to check for many kinds of leaks. (I do replace them, sometimes ;)) But my question is...can you test the pump to find out if it is making enough pressure? I would do that first. What I like about the kids bubbles most is that they are pre-mixed. I just pour them in a spray bottle. Also, I get tired of paying a lot for little items at my local Honda dealer, but I have made deals with them. I tell them what I can get it for on line, and sometimes the actually will adjust their prices. Sometimes I want the part quicker, and have to pay the higher price, but if you can, buy on line. It can save you some money to replace those bubbles.

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