Headlight cuts out - then comes back..? Solution!

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Headlight cuts out - then comes back..? Solution!

Post by Wingsconsin » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:34 pm

Learned something new and thought I should share....
It may be old news to some..but it was new for me...

I have been having trouble with the 1980 GL1100 Interstate - the headlight would just cut out...
Then after doing some trouble shooting and moving some wires it would come back on...
So I dug through the fairing for 10 hours over the weekend checking every splice, fuse, and electrical connection from the headlight back...I was so frustrated last night I just went to bed angry...! :x

I posted on my Facebook the problems and a friend told me that he has had 2 1100's and had the same problem on BOTH that I was experiencing...He said to check the fuse box for corrosion and loose fuses...

BINGO - the headlight fuse LOOKED fine...but when I pulled it out the holder was corroded and the fuse was making poor contact... :o So I cleaned everything and all is well again...except I have to re-aim the headlight now..I did a poor job of reassembly I guess.....


I hope this helps somebody

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Re: Headlight cuts out - then comes back..? Solution!

Post by WingAdmin » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:07 am

Absolutely - I found the same thing on my 1100, when I pulled a fuse out, it actually fell apart (ends came off) in my hands - the ancient glue holding the ends onto the glass had just dried out and crumbled away. I decided then to replace EVERY fuse in the bike. Not a bad idea for a new-to-you bike - cheap insurance!

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