homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Post by DCpatrick » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:47 pm

So I made the rear wheel bearing retainer ring tool out of a socket as suggested over on this forum... and now I am buying a whole new rear rim! :oops: Which also means buying new bearings and paying to have the brand new tire I just had installed removed and re-installed on the new rim. So, by not buying the $22 (with shipping) tool in the first place, I am now spending $50 for a new rim (of unknown quality), $80 to have the tire removed and installed, $20 for bearings, $15 for a new retainer, and another $22 for a new removal tool. total cost trying to save $22... $187! :cry:

What happened: It removed it okay, but at the start of removal I had to give the socket a whack on top to seat it properly. Then, when I went to install it, I gave my homemade tool another whack to seat it better again, and I think it expanded the ring. Also, the edges of the "flanges" were still sharpish,and cut into the aluminium; Those rings are SOFT!!!!!. When the ring was just about all the way in, it ground to a halt. I tried to back it out, no luck. wouldn't move back or forward. I really cranked on it to get it out, and it ended up cracking. I ordered the real tool, and broke the tool (with my impact gun) while removing the ring partway out. The threads completely stripped on both the ring AND the hub; I hammered out the ring in pieces hoping, just hoping, that the wheel hub survived. RIP wheel. the wheel is toast.

So, long story short, spend the $22 and get the real tool! (and btw I also spent $7 buying a 1 1/4 socket to make my homemade tool). I'm not saying don't try to make your own tool, I'm just sharing that I shouldn't have tried it.

This forum has been invaluable, and I love it while I'm trying to rebuild my 1981 GL1100 standard.

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Re: homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Post by WingAdmin » Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:43 pm

That's terrible! The ring is soft, as is the (aluminum) rim, with good reason: It is intended to be "staked" in place to keep it from backing out once it's in, which means you actually dent the metal with a small punch.


Was your homemade tool not quite close to the correct dimensions to fit into the holes on the ring?

Is it possible that you cross-threaded the ring when you were re-installing it? With the size of the ring it is very easy to do if you aren't careful. If it is cross-threaded and you drive it in that way, it can jam and tear up the threads just like you describe.

In case people aren't sure what we're talking about here, it's the removal of the hub ring on the rear wheel in order to gain access to the wheel bearings:




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Re: homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Post by littlebeaver » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:19 pm

Wow that is terrible, I think the threads got a little buggered up just enough to make it tighten up like that, that aluminum is really soft and once it was screwed down the tighter it became..That's too bad this happened, thank you for sharing you're mishap, this could really help the next guy that didn't quite fit the homemade socket perfectly into the holes and it will keep them from wacking it.. really sometimes someone's mishap will really help someone else, you are the man.. :D

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Re: homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Post by Dogsled » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:16 am

WOW, Seems like too many threads for a simple 'whack' to cause a thread damage issue. Care does need to be taken when homemade tools are built so they fit well. Looks like it should screw in by hand and the tool just needed dor the final tightening.

Somebody before you cross threaded it or damaged it in some way. Were the threads clean when you got it out? I've know guys to use red Loc-tite all the way around on stuff like this and getting it out without heat is like going to war (if you know the stuff is on there). If an air gun didn't work, SOMETHING had to be visibly wrong with the threads.
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Re: homemade Bearing ring remover warning!!!

Post by sperryunivac » Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:17 pm

That was a heartbreaking story to read regarding all the issues you were having with the retaining ring. But in all fairness to this site I don't think that It makes a difference as to what tool you use. I recently replace my rear wheel bearings using a makeshift tool that I crafted from a scrap piece of plywood and four drywall screws that I drilled into the plywood to align with the retainer holes.
Once the old stake punch marks were cleaned up , the retainer came out very easily after the initial bit of force required to loosen it.
If you are going to make your own specialized tools, you need to make sure that they fit properly. And always clean and check the threads for burrs.
But who know, you may have even run into the same problems even if you started the work using the real tool.

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