Sheepskin..A comfort & appearance question

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Sheepskin..A comfort & appearance question

Post by DaveDanger » Mon May 12, 2014 2:54 pm

Good Morning all, I'm wanting to solicit experiences and opinions about lambswool or sheepskin seat covers, and seats in general. I have 3 specific reasons for asking, and the first is that my GL1100A has the original seat, in great condition, which makes me think a bit... it's 30 years old and a tad stiffer in foam density than anything made in the last 8 - 10 years. I'd like it to possibly support my structural fundament a bit more widely(?). Seat alternatives as to brand, size and availability
Secondly, My existing seat has a Markland back support that attaches to a pair of chromed angles, one on each side of the seat up close to where the seat touches the tank cover. They're clamped to the chassis tube and they provide a pivot point for the backrest structure to tip up for passenger boarding, and a curved rest for the tubes to lay in when the backrest is in its lowered and riding position. I've ridden the bike with the backrest installed, and completely removed from the bike, and in both instances the mount brackets push pretty hard into my thighs when I'm at rest. (Stopped with my feet on the ground). Not an issue when in motion as both legs are lifted a bit more with feet on the pegs or highway bars. I rode for a few days with a towel folded strategically so that it not only provided me a bit of relief from sun-baked seat cover (Leather/Vinyl/Naugahyde), but also extended far enough to cover the protrusions by the two front corners of the seat back angles. That worked very well as far as preventing the corners from poking the back of my thighs, but looked tacky as crap riding around with a towel flapping in the breeze (Is he headed to the beach?). Sheepskin seat covers that will breathe and preferrably cover the irritating corner protrusions. Opinions on brands of sheepskins, sizes, price & availability, pro's & cons.
Be it known that getting a nice cover for myself and not one for her seat, will land me in durance vile... so I need matching options where possible.
As to the seat shape and size itself... I've seen on eBay and a few other places that more pronounced step seats are available. I've always heard them referred to as King/Queen seats, usually being a bit wider, a bit more pronounced in the seat bucket shape itself. Sometimes being a simple replacement cover with additional padding provided for the different shape, and being attached (riveted, stapled) to the original seat pan as opposed to a complete assy. years ago, I actually purchased (from J.C. Whitney of all places), one of the staple-in-place King/Queen covers with padding that attached to my existing seat pan ('82 V-45 Magna) and was absolutely delighted with how it felt and rode). Anyones opinions on these seat options? Am I better off searching for an aftermarket seat assembly that replaces mine whole? I'm a big guy... 6',2" and 300 lbs. and there's no hiding the fact that I'm going to overlap (in all compass directions) any seat that I install, but still, any improvement is preferrable.

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Re: Sheepskin..A comfort & appearance question

Post by SteveB123 » Mon May 12, 2014 6:55 pm


I'm much happier with my Saddleman than the cr*p old stocker.
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