Carb Rebuilding Question

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Carb Rebuilding Question

Post by N2PPN » Sun May 02, 2010 6:56 pm

I am currently involved in a total Randakk's Ultimate rebuild kit (with Howard's Book of course) for my 1981 GL 1100 ... As I opened up the carb bowls I noticed "stuff" caked inside the bottoms of the bowls that could only be described as a powder the color of mustard or light brown clay....

,As I am most certainly going to do the right thing with the rebuild and cleaning, but since the inlet screens for the needle valves were clean and did not have any of this "stuff" on them at all should I be concerned about the fuel tank??? or could this stuff, just be the residual crap from the gas that long ago evaporated and or gummed up the carbs back in 1999 when the bike was "put away wet after being ridden hard"...

I will be looking for a fuel injection filter to place inline with the fuel supply to avoid any other "fine" particles from finding their way into my carb bowls.. But would enjoy any discussions on just what this "stuff" could be and how to avoid it's return in the future... Oh and the air bypass diaphragms were all gummy, sticky and hard to remove... could this be a sign of getting bad fuel over the years that I was riding, or did they just deteriorate from lack of use??

Timing belts next! then "Fire 'er up"!

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Re: Carb Rebuilding Question

Post by Jeeper » Sun May 02, 2010 7:29 pm

Almost every carb I've ever rebuilt had "stuff" on the inside of the bowl. Especially if it was a small engine like a tractor, or a motorcycle, where it tends to sit for long periods of time. I'm pretty sure its just contaminates from the fuel that settle to the bottom when sitting and then harden. I always just wipe it out, clean everything up, and put it back together. I've never had a problem with it in the past.

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Re: Carb Rebuilding Question

Post by Mooseman » Thu May 06, 2010 10:19 pm

Welcome to dried fuel varnish and reidue. If the tank was left full or part full for a long period this stuff can coat the bottom of the tank also. Not as much of a problem with a larger fuel feed line and a filter befor you get to the carbs. I would also use the stock Honda filter or equivalent. Fuel injection filter maybe to restrctive. The problem in the carbs are the very small passages for fuel. If in doubt you can flush the tank with some fresh fuel and some MMO or Sea Foam. I use my bike all the time so it doesn't set long enough to cause problems. I did buy a used 86 last year that had only 20K and sat for 8-10 years. I have had no fuel tank issues but had carb issues. I did the Randakk over haul kit and it runs like a charm.
I do run a little MMO thru the system from time to time just to keep things clean. I also add MMO to my 5 gal gas can I use around the house for all my stuff and it keeps the fuel from turning to varnish and keeps everything running great even if it sits for a year. I use the same mix of gas for my saws and weed eater, just adding the oil mix. They all start right away and I don't have issues with those little carbs. MMO (Marvel Mystrey Oil) Even run it through the cars now and then.
Sorry about being so long winded.
Enjoy the ride. They are all good, just some better than others.

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Re: Carb Rebuilding Question

Post by RBGERSON » Fri May 07, 2010 8:19 am

Drain the tank..tank off the fuel sender and the gas cap..use a flash light to look inside..then decide if you need to pull the tank to can also pull the filter and crack it open and see what in there..



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