Engine is Missing at Lower RPMs When Warmed

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Engine is Missing at Lower RPMs When Warmed

Post by Robmanda1 » Mon May 10, 2010 1:24 pm

My wife and I went down to Phoenix and back this weekend (total 300 miles). We started at 3,300ft, Phoenix is at about 1,000ft above sea level. When down there I noticed a cylinder bagan to miss at lower rpms. Was wondering if the difference in elevation played a part. Back home the problem persists. We have taken it up to 9,000ft, with no noticable difference in performance last fall. I am wondering if I rode it too hard, we averaged 70mph on the interstate and rode it pretty hard going up in elevation. I couldn't feel a difference in heat from any of the cylinders. It is concerning becasue this lack of power at lower rpms is a bit dangerous on the road. I will replace the spark plugs tonight and will see if that helps. If not, any ideas?

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Re: Engine is Missing at Lower RPMs When Warmed

Post by idjit » Mon May 17, 2010 5:26 am

Are you getting a popping sound from one side? I have a post "missing when warmed" and you can read what I've checked. Voltage at idle, right on down the list....

Since my last post I've bought a cheep little wire checker and verified, once and for all, that I have continuous spark at each plug. (It's a tricky thing to use cause it will pick up from the other plug also if too close.)

I'm thinking sticky valve now.

Hope it at least gives you some ideas. I'll be watching your thread for clues.

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