Last Big Adventure - progressive springs

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Last Big Adventure - progressive springs

Post by futhashi » Mon May 12, 2014 4:27 pm

Hi Ya,

1. I'm off on a long ride, supposed to be a one way trip but **** happens and plans change. I will be on my "RoseBud" (RB), 1982 GL1100 Interstate. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Nicaragua. Travelling through the western states, down the Baha, ferry across to Copper Canyon and southbound, as of yet no further planned stops, but there will be lots. I will be doing a lot of camping, boon docking and beach bumming. Anybody that wants to meet up for a coffee, beer, campout and/or a ride along part way, I'm in!! First stops are Writing on Stone park in Sothern Alberta and then Mount Rushmore in some Dakota…. Any suggests or help would be appreciatively considered.

2. I have a lot to do to RB in preparation. I noticed it bottoming out with no appreciable weight on it last summer. I am going for the highly recommended progressive springs, the inserts for the front and the “outserts” for the rear. I have spent days reading posts about them and have become somewhat confused.

I have learned (mostly from a phone call to progressive) that:

- the 412 series shock are a non-air adjustable, but mechanically adjustable, entire rear spring/shock assembly. ... ies-shocks

- the 416 series shock are the air adjustable version of the 412, again the entire rear spring/shock assembly. ... ies-shocks

- the “fork spring kit” are the front fork spring inserts used in the original stock air shocks. ... spring-kit

- the 12 series springs are the “outserts” that "supposedly" go or don't go????? on the outside of the stock air shocks(dampers).
they come in black or chrome and weights of standard, heavy duty, and super heavy duty. I will be getting heavy duty because my life will be packed on RB, but no back seat biker chick yet, but looking ;-). The super heavy duty are for units like trikes. ... es-springs

- I have seen a lot of part numbers on posts but, maybe because of my dazed confusion, they were different from others. Also the posts on installation, some springs are longer than the stock and some are shorter, some are hard and some are easy to install. There doesn't seem to be any standard information posts that I could find. Maybe, this could be used as one.

The 3 distributers in Canada quoted by the Progressive customer service are: ... cator.jspx

I would love to learn that:

- all 3 of the above distributors have dealer locators, and there are lots. I will be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and am wondering if anybody would know of one particular place with a good reputation to order my springs from. Also need bearings and EBC brakes, looking for that supplier as well.

- Is it possible to install the 12 series springs on the stock air shocks. 2 different customer service reps on 2 separate phone calls to Progressive told me they cannot. I would have to buy their "12 series dampers". ... es-dampers

the price for the 12 series springs plus that of the dampers works out to be $10 cheaper than buying the "412 series shock" already put together. As I am on a budget, I would prefer to buy just the 12 series springs for my stock air shocks. I do realize that there are posts that say they have done this, just want to confirm the contradiction with Progressive customer service.

- After installing the inserts/outserts in the front and back stock air shocks respectively, we do re-add the oil, ATF being the “can’t go wrong, but is it a good idea to top up the air if we are well loaded, common sense says yes, but…?

- would love to have some proper instructions and/or advice on the installation of both the front "fork spring kit", and the "12 series springs" on the stock air shocks. Haven’t run across any yet but I could be wrong, be gentle.

- any other comments or advice would be appreciatively considered.

I will also be doing the lots of other restoration work so I will be on here a bit and if there are other interests, I can update on the trip as well.

Happy Travels

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Re: Last Big Adventure - progressive springs

Post by SteveB123 » Mon May 12, 2014 6:42 pm

Just about any dealer will be able to order your springs. Mine had them in a couple of days. Just about every dealer in the country has an account with Partscanada and Motovan. ... s/3055.pdf are your install instructions as found in the box.
My installation tool was 12" long piece of 2X2, with a ~5/8" notch cut in one end. Works the business. Don't get all hung up about their great discussions about spacers; we don't use any.

20W fork oil, as noted in the above instructions.

I just did these a couple of weeks ago, so if you have any other questions, feel free to fire away.
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Re: Last Big Adventure - progressive springs

Post by futhashi » Tue May 13, 2014 12:37 am

Thanks Steve. It's a start. I won't be getting to this work until after May 26. Getting parts and info together before then. I will post again if I have any problems.

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