My journey just add Rotella

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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My journey just add Rotella

Post by urbanmadness » Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:51 am

I just changed the oil on my gold-wing. I was running Castrol 4t 10w40, but since I've been reading that gold-wings seem to like Rotella, 15w40, I decided to try it even tho the oil only had about 700 miles on it. One of the reasons I wanted to change it, as when I changed it last, the bike was torn down so I couldn't get it warm before changing it. I actually couldn't believe how black the oil was (no chunks or bad smells, just black). I absolutely hate the idea of sea foaming the crankcase and thinning out the oil. I'd rather just change the oil again in about 1000 miles and then go to regular intervals, say 3000 miles. The PO rode it quite a bit, but I think it was mostly short runs. When I had the valve covers off, it did look pretty clean tho, so the oil turning black is a little of a mystery, however, the bottom of the engine is just covered. I've been cleaning it a little at a time. I'm thinking about using purple power and a scrub brush next. It's that bad.

With the Rotella, my trans shifts so much smoother, it even got rid of most of it's clunking when going into gear and when up shifting, it's like riding a different bike. Even some of the valve train noise went away. I just set the valves at .004 for the intake and .005 for the exhaust and they are close to where they should be. With the Castrol, I'd hear quite a bit of valve noise, not bad, but I could hear it, I figured it was pretty normal, as the other gold-wings in my little riding group are all 1200cc's and up, so I didn't have a reference for how it should sound. I tend to use most of my senses when I'm working on a vehicle. Smell, sight, feel and sound (I haven't tasted a bike, yet). The Rotella really quieted it down. It's still there but it doesn't sound like an air cooled VW... :D.

Mechanical wise, all that's left on the 500 dollar to make you halla gold-wing, is carb sync and fan switch. I added a parade switch. I spliced into the fan harness, rather then the harness of the bike, incase I ever want to return it completely stock, I'll just buy a fan then.

It's been a long road, including changing a head, a thermostat, plugs, assorted o-rings, intake valves on the right bank, timing belts, hoses. At least the bike had new tires, and new clutch plates. The brake fluid is clean, and it had new brake pads (he said he did the brakes, but he also said he did timing belts, and it blew the right side timing belt bringing her home and the left one had a chunk missing out of it). Then of course there was learning to ride it, as it's my first "real" motorcycle. Other bonuses included three windshields, including the brand new over size one that was on the bike, and extra starter, a battery charger, that I chucked because it was a POS, two seats, worn, but in very good condition(no rips or tears), one of which, was donated to a buddy, that needed a seat for his 1200cc. Yes it fit and looks pretty good, it's a tad shorter but it works. The electrical needs some work. It's a mess but everything works, except for the stereo. It sort of works, but the filter caps are really in bad shape, so, I just wired an amp to the stock speakers and play mp3's. Kind of a shame, but all the head set stuff is missing anyway, so When I paint it, I will probably remove it all, and do something else. The bike also has a poorboy conversion. It's a bit of a crude home built affair but, I will clean that up as well. I'd like to make some new spacers and a few bracket for the lowers so they fit better. The left lower has a wire tie where it mounts the the radiator bracket, as the bolt is in a completely wrong position. The right lower has been cut away to accommodate the alternator. Not the prettiest job in the world. If I ever pull the engine, I'm changing the stator, and doing away with the poor boy, just so it will all be stock again with intact lowers. I may even just test the stator that's in the bike and see if he thought he had a bad stator. The way the wiring looks on this bike, I wouldn't be surprised if the stator was actually good.

I love this forum, and I am really growing to love my gold-wing.

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Re: My journey just add Rotella

Post by Oldbear » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:17 pm

"I haven't tasted a bike, yet."

Never had an oil change go sideways as your under the bike? Never had a hose let loose? Never forgot to wash your hands before eating your snack?

You've tasted a bike; you just want to forget it. :D
My wife is the greatest - she won't let me sell my bike - I'm less grumpy when I ride...

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Re: My journey just add Rotella

Post by WingAdmin » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:57 am

Oldbear wrote:"I haven't tasted a bike, yet."

Never had an oil change go sideways as your under the bike? Never had a hose let loose? Never forgot to wash your hands before eating your snack?

You've tasted a bike; you just want to forget it. :D
Hm, I can't say I've tasted my bike. I have taken a dump of oil in the face under my truck before, and I've had a fuel line spray directly into my eye (that was fun).

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Re: My journey just add Rotella

Post by Wingsconsin » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:19 pm

One thing to consider when doing these "internal cleanings" is that there MAY be some sludge build up along the seals that is currently preventing a leak from showing .... once we clean all that old crud out (off) these leaks MAY show up... especially in the case when changing to a synthetic oil with better flow properties...

I think regular changes (every 3K miles) would be a better plan of attack . Oil gets dirty pretty quickly when we run our engines so being black isn't a worry to long as I KNOW it is within specs and time for changes....slippery and contaminant suspension is what I want my oil to do .

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