Brakes... again!

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Brakes... again!

Post by centurion » Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:20 am

I have developed a theory. If you have more than one machine in your garage, they'll start talking, and a popular topic of conversation is how to annoy you. Well, the '82 Wing drew the short straw (again) and last night, the rear brake locked up (again). I think all four of them are in there snickering right now.

History: bike sat for 8 years. My bad. Front brakes locked up and I rebuilt them. First trip out, rear brake locks up. I managed to get it home, took the calipers apart, installed new pads, seals, etc. and called it good. Next trip out, rear brake locks up. Got it home, dismounted the master cylinder, cleaned everything up (I don't have the vocabulary to describe that mess), bled the system, and called it good. Left for church last night and three blocks from home, the rear brake locks up. Got it home, shut it off, pulled the KLR out and left for church.

I cleaned every part of that master cylinder, ran a little piece of wire down into the fluid return hole several times, sprayed everything out with brake cleaner and told myself those seals still looked serviceable (patting myself on the back for saving $40). The system bled fine and I closed it up and went on to something else.

Something, and it ain't gremlins (or pintos or pacers) is keeping that pressure on my shiny clean pistons. It's a piece of junk in the master cylinder return hole, isn't it? Or something else?

P.S. I ordered the replacement master cylinder rebuild kit from Parts 'N More last night... for $45. I'm just looking for some encouragement that therein lies the solution. I'm planning a solo trip to the Black Hills (first-time solo) and I haven't yet decided on whether to take the truck or the Wing.

What say ye all?



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Re: Brakes... again!

Post by virgilmobile » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:34 am

If ,when it's locked up,you open the caliper bleeder and it unlocks the brake THEN you have a problem at the master cylinder pressure bleeder hole.
This also could be if the master cylinder piston does not fully return to the keeper ring.its kinda like riding the brakes.
If opening the bleeder does not fully release the brake,inspect for corrosion under the seal that's inside the caliper.that corrosion will/can bind the caliper piston.When empty,one should be able to push (by hand) the piston to the bottom of the caliper.
A complete flush of all old fluid is a must to get all the trash out too.

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