gl 1100 run with choke half on

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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gl 1100 run with choke half on

Post by tom12570 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:19 am

Getting my first 1981 1100 wing I am being told bike has to be choked half way to run how are the carbs to rebuild?

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Re: gl 1100 run with choke half on

Post by virgilmobile » Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:40 pm

Choke on to run the bike indicated that the slow speed jets are plugged.
Theres plenty of "how to's" about carb rebuilding.Some on this site,some on others...
I do suggest a few things....
The slow speed jets are a very small hole..they can usually be cleaned...the fuel path after the jet feeds the idle mix jet..a small hole in front of the throttle plate.....another port of the slow speed jet is a couple of tiny holes right at the throttle plate...they can plug too...I always force fluid through the entire slow speed circuit and verify that all the ports are clear....

The "slides"...don't mix them up...keep each slide and top cap with the carb it came off from..and which way it was screwed down...Don't rotate them 180*..

The slides need to move absolutely butter smooth in the cap and after there assembled on the carb body...I test this by using a shop vacuum attached to each at a time and operate the each slide move up and down....

Pre-sync the carbs before you put them back on...each throttle valve should start to open exactly at the same time when the throttle is cracked open...there adjustable..

Pre-set the idle mix screws "by the book"

I have used a "Q" tip with Brasso to clean the fuel needle seat...It should be removed from the casting for cleaning the Brasso off .

Clean the float pivot pin so there is no binding of the float movement.

Set the floats where they just rest on the needles...not compressing the spring....and make sure they are the same on both sides(not twisted).

I usually take copious amounts of pictures when I work on these and try to do just one at a time.

The last carb pack I serviced took 5 hours and 3 cups of coffee.
That's why there so expensive to have someone do it for you...Very labor and detail intensive.

You also could try some snake oil (Sea Foam) in the gas tank first...Just to see if it magically fixes it...

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Re: gl 1100 run with choke half on

Post by retep88 » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:06 pm

Rebuilding the carbs isn't bad with a good rebuild kit, good instructions, and good organization. I got my carb kit from here
He also had instruction manuals for sale as well, but I used the instructions from online over at Naked GoldWing (sorry wing admin :oops: ). Randakk had a good trick on his site were he boils the carbs instead of dipping them in solvent to clean them that worked pretty well for me... just do it on a grill outside, it doesn't smell to good.

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