bleeding front brakes on 82 1100

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bleeding front brakes on 82 1100

Post by halcombrick » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:30 am

Hey guys newbie to brakes here. Ive replaced my pads and easily bled the right side caliper. My question is..I don't have a vac system or quick bleed can you guys give me any tips on how to bleed the left front caliper alone. I have no help and obviously cant reach the caliper while holding the hand brake. Do you guys have any tips on how to do this? This is how I get to work and need it up and running as quick as possible..thanks guys.

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Re: bleeding front brakes on 82 1100

Post by chrisz » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:01 am

When working alone I use Speed bleeders which replace the original bleed nipples. Speed bleeders have a check ball valve to prevent air from getting sucked back into the system when you release the hand brake lever without shutting down the bleed nipple.

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Re: bleeding front brakes on 82 1100

Post by RoadRogue » Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:54 pm

A length of tubing that fits tight to the bleed nipple with the open end in a jar with about an inch of brake fluid in it . When you pump the lever air and fluid travel down the tube, when you release the lever no air can enter the system because the end is in the fluid. You just blow bubbles until all the air is out, make sure the reservoir never sucks air or you have to start again. When you see clean fluid in the tubing close the nipple and then remove the tube. Easy as it gets. 8-)
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Re: bleeding front brakes on 82 1100

Post by DaveDanger » Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:37 pm

I'm expanding on RoadRogue's post, for clarity. I've used this method for years... it works for cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, you name it. Go to the plumbing section in any Home Depot or Lowes or most any hardware store. find a 10' length of 3/16" inside diameter, clear vinyl tubing (you WANT to be able to see thru it). Simply force one end (a snug fit is what is desired) over the bleeder nipple and the other end into a throw-away container first, to purge out all the old fluid. Make sure and have a can of fresh brake fluid on hand to start with.
With the cap/cover off of the reservoir, begin by opening the bleeder fitting and leave it open. Begin SLOWLY pumping the brake pedal or lever and it will of course, begin pumping the fluid from the system into the purge container. (Fast pumping can cause the reservoir to fountain fluid straight up into the air, getting all over everything. Brake fluid WILL STRIP PAINT). As the reservoir begins to get low, pour in fresh fluid, keeping the reservoir filled.
At some point, you'll note that you're getting fresh fluid into the purge container. This means all of the old nasty moisture-laden fluid is now purged out of the system.
Now place the end of the clear vinyl tubing into your reservoir at this point, keeping it in place with a finger or rubber band, etc. begin pumping again, ALWAYS making sure to keep the reservoir nearly full from your can of fresh fluid. At the point that you no longer notice bubbles traveling thru the clear vinyl tubing, close the bleeder valve. Top off the reservoir to the fill line and place the cap/cover back on the reservoir and you're done.
Remove the tubing and clean up. There is NO necessity of opening and closing the bleeder valve repeatedly. As RoadRogue mentioned, it can't suck any air back into the system since the clear vinyl tubing keeps fluid in a closed loop all the way back to the reservoir.
You don't need to be able to reach two places at once. I use this system almost daily on various vehicles. It works without fail.

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