81 Gl1100I only running on two cyl.

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Ivan Svea
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1981 Honda GL1100I

81 Gl1100I only running on two cyl.

Post by Ivan Svea » Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:36 pm

Recovering a '81 Goldwing, cleaned and mostly rebuilt the carbs (didn't replace all the o-rings and diaphrams, only the really shot or distroyed ones), fushed the tank filled with fresh gas and Seafoam, replaced the oil, etc.

Bikes runs but only on cyls 2 & 4 at lower speeds. No change in rpm when the plug wires are pulled on the right, Right pipe has less volume and force that left, more smoke. Has spark and plugs look ok, little dark maybe. No torque or power below 3,000 rpm and the idle comes down slowly if your coasting and close the throttle.

Figuring the problem is fuel but I'd like to have a plan before I just pull the carbs and start pooking and cleaning again.

All 4 of the idle screws were missing the washer and o-ring from the tips, I left them the same as I found them assuming it ran that way for the previous owner and it was better that they were all the same. Was going to start with that.

Open to suggestions.


Old Fogey
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Re: 81 Gl1100I only running on two cyl.

Post by Old Fogey » Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:58 pm

Only running on #2 and #4 means fuelling problems. If you don't do the job right, why would you think that it should run right?
There are no short cuts to getting the carbs on any of the 1000/1100 models right (the 1200 is not so bad).
Pull them off, clean them properly preferably in an ultrasonic cleaner (the pressed in main jet can be poked clear with a High A guitar string), renew ALL the seals and ALL the air cut-off diaphrams (Randakk's kit has all the parts you need).
Make sure that you remove the float valve seats as there are small fuel filters behind them.
Are you sure that the O rings and washers are not present in the idle mixture screw holes? You can be fooled when you look down the hole as you will only see a metallic surface. That might be the carb body, but equally it might be a washer. Make a tool from a straightened paper clip with a tiny hook on one end and see if you can hook anything out of the hole.
If there really is no washer and seal down there, you need to fit them or it will never run right. Again, Randakk's kit has these parts in it.
Set the floats to the right height (15.5mm). It should now run once you have synchronised them with gauges.
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