83 Asp build thread

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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83 Asp build thread

Post by Flyboy6 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:51 pm

I've been off the site for a while, mostly due to time spent grinning like an idiot riding the snot out of my 97 Valkyrie - it's like a big goofy Goldwing with the legs of a running back.

Anyway, snow and slush now a fact of life (was riding up to a couple weeks ago here in Toronto) so I'm back in the shop with my 83 GoldWing Aspencade in a million pieces, and a full rebuild/repaint underway. Starting point is a decent bike - I put 17000kms on it last year - some reliability problems in the wiring and the water pump, but good and clean for a bike with 180,000 on it, comps all good, no oil consumption other than dripping out the damned telltale hole at the bottom of the water pump seal.

So I'm not expecting to dig into the engine - just a cleanup and checkover while every part is off in a baggie. As much as anything I didn't like the colour (dark blue on dark silver - almost invisible - so I want to make it look like my other bikes - it will be the thing you see first in the mirror. Or in the intersection. I may leave the fairings off and go to a bagger with a basic windshield. Haven't decided yet.

Anyhow, I'll post a few pix here as I go - happy for any advice or commentary.

Starting point- my regular ride to the cottage :

Peeling off some off the Honda plastics :

I've spent too much time in this place already - three trips into the engine front over the last year working on water pump, to no avail. Will be replacing every last item in that sequence and hoping for joy this time around. maybe it will be easier with the engine on the bench. Great threads in here for assisting this job. (thx WingAdmin)

ok - there were a few steps in between, but we're down to a one wheel roller here. You've all seen bikes come part before. This time I have taken several hundred disassembly pix, one or two for each part, and used 50 or 60 baggies, and labeled every bolt and nut. Didn't do this with the last project and spent way too much time looking up parts fiches to figure things out.

Frame sandblasted (set up a booth in my garage), epoxy primed, 2K colour coats (x2) and first clear coats (2K) sot now - a metallic silver. You can see some body parts in the background, starting to get some colour - trying out some patterns before I commit all the parts. It will be bright red with white accents, some silver frame showing, may blast and paint the rims to an alloy silver colour.

all for now!

Toronto Ontario
83 Aspencade
83 GL650i
1966 Cessna

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Re: 83 Asp build thread

Post by redial » Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:01 pm

Just as well you have some sh**ty weather, it will give you a bunch of days to finish the task. It looks interesting what you have achieved so far. Keep up the good pics and narrative.
Len in Kapunda

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