Not able to "perfect" sync my carbs makes me mad

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Not able to "perfect" sync my carbs makes me mad

Post by processing » Wed May 11, 2016 4:40 am

Hello everyone I'm back with stupid questions again (GL 1100 1980).
This is the third time I'm trying to "perfect" sync my carbs and I'm not able to do that. Basically, I cannot match the left side (2 and 4) to the right side (1 and 3) which becomes my base side after adjusted.
Matching 1 and 3 is easy.... Let's say my carb 1 and 3 reads - 0.4 at just below 1000 RPM.
Then I adjust carb 2 based on whatever carb 4 reads. In my case carb 4 reads -0.25 so I matched 2 to read -0.25. Now I'm trying to set carb 4 to read -0.4 ...(basically trying to match the left side to the right side now), but when I start turning the screw on number 4 counterclockwise the RPMs goes down from let's say 1000 to around 800 or below and the engine dies. So I have to adjust the throttle stopper screw to bring the RPMs up again. And I keep turning the setting screw on 4 counterclockwise to bring the vacuum up (by the way by turning the adjustment screws counterclockwise/to the left you bring the vacuum up - by closing the butterfly in the intake thus creating more suction as it gets tighter. Correct?). But in doing so (increasing the RPMs using the throttle stopper screw) I get white smoke from the right exhaust, cylinders/carbs 1 and 3 and that cannot be good. Anyway, I played with it almost randomly and got them all match between - 0.4 and - 0.3. And she runs fine she can idle around 700 rpm but it doesn't feel right. The smoothness is not what I expect. Is my linkage between the right side of the carburetors and the left side screwed up? Or could my pilot/idle screw on 4 carb be bad or something. I did not adjust the pilot screws yet. They are two turns out from the all the way in position.

Please help

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Re: Not able to "perfect" sync my carbs makes me mad

Post by virgilmobile » Wed May 11, 2016 11:30 am

I had a issue with my 1100.perfect sync at 800 rpm.It didn't feel balanced as I accelerated.
I re-synced the carbs again keeping the rpm around 1100 RPM. Right at the point that the imbalance was noticible.
When I backed the idle down to the 800 rpm,the sync was off a bit.
I left it there.The idle wasn't perfect but it did feel better where I needed it.
The cause was determined to be a imbalance in the cylinders. My compression varied much more than the 5 psi mark.
I had 2 cylinders almost exactly at 155psi and one at 130 and one at 140.
The root cause.
It did have 176k miles so I just lived with it.
I'm sure a head job may have helped.

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