A new bike from old parts!

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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A new bike from old parts!

Post by Bandit127 » Wed May 25, 2016 8:32 pm

Greetings All!

I have undertaken an immense project of completely rebuilding a 82 gl1100i. But I'm looking for some opinions on some aspects due to your, as a whole and individually, experience.

First, how I got this project. My dad had a 79 goldwing, full dress and absolutely loved it until a car ran a stop sign in front of him and (luckily) only ended up with a bent frame. Few years later, after I moved to Ohio I found an 82 full dresser sitting in a field for 7 something years and decided to surprise my dad with a rebuilt goldwing after a year or so. But lo and behold, he ended up getting not only a 91 Wing with 10,000 miles but a 06' VXT 1300 as well.

So here I am, waist deep, so I might as well make my bike out of it.

First major topic I want outside opinions on. The engine. When I got to this one it had water sitting in 3 of 4 cylinders. But considering I figured I'd be putting new rods and mains in, not a big deal.
However, research has shown me that installing a 1200 might be a better option? I'm playing with that idea, get a used 1200, drop it in and work out all the other bugs while I build another 1100 or 1200 completely fresh.

Secondly, I have air ride suspension but it's going to be a cafe/bobber style bike. Should I go with progressives or can I stick with what I have up front with fresh bushings and seals, then buy appropriate rear springs?

I'm aware of the difficulty finding certain parts, and having to make other things work. To me, that's fine it sets a good pace for this for me to tinker and build and without sinking me financially.

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