Carb sync woes

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Carb sync woes

Post by poppadre » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:00 am

Hey Guys. Attempted to sync up my carbs last night. I've done carb syncs before on my GS but read though and followed the guide for the GL1100. Ran the engine until the rad kicked in then put a fan in front of it so it wouldn't kick in anymore. Got the error reading for the 4 gauges based off #3 carb. Managed to match up #1 and #3. My problem was matching #2 to #4. I adjusted the set screw to match the two gauges but every time I tighten the lock nut it sends my number wayyyy out off, making it hard to match right to the left. And if I do match it up the bike seems to idle pretty poorly. I noticed that when I push down on the screw or nut it starts to kill the bike. Should there be this much play in the linkage that it affects the throttle. I also noticed that my throttle cable is completely out at the mid adjustment which forces me to have the adjuster at the throttle all the way in. Leaving almost no free play in the throttle. I assume this isn't a factor when adjusting the carbs as the throttle can be adjusted with the idle screw.

The Carb sync gauges I am using are ... t-abn-9203 I had to replace my EMGOs with these because mine went "missing" from my unlocked shop :/

Should the rpms change when pushing on the set screw and lock nut? Why does #2 carb change so much when tightening the lock nut? My idle is set to 950 but should I loosen up the mid adjuster on the throttle cable to give some play in the throttle?

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