a series of questions - advice please

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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a series of questions - advice please

Post by davekrovetz » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:26 am

I have 1982 GL1100 Standard (once an Interstate I believe). 23k on the odometer. Bought it, rode a rough 10 miles, had to begin to rework many things. Carbs rebuilt professionally, timing belts replaced, new plugs, radiator flushed, new hoses, etc. Prior to this, I had put in new oil, over-filled it (my mistake). Right side carb was dripping oily gas onto #1 exhaust header and right valve cover was seeping a little oil too. Leaks fixed now - new valve cover gasket and carb repairs.

When run before repairs (but after I had over-filled oil), some white smoke from right side pipe, some from left too - but the carbs were so rough I never could run it long enough to see what happened if really run. Now all is reassembled (except rear brake caliper). Starts and idles and revs well, smoothly. I saw the smoke both sides equally. Smoke does not smell like antifreeze. The right header pipe seems to be smoking off its surface - cooking off dripped oil from before? No exhaust leaks I can hear there. Pulled the plastic breather collection bottle from the lower left side, it was mostly full of liquid, seemed like oil. Thought about too much oil in bike, checked, confirmed, and drained out 10 oz of oil from case so that the level is now proper in the sight glass. Still smokes equally from both pipes. More smoke if hotter and running at faster rpms. I can't ride until brakes reassembled, so this is in the garage.

1. Does overfilling by 10 ounces (bike sat on center-stand for 7 weeks with excess oil, was run a bit too) account for smoke? If so, how soon should it stop now that the level is correct?

2. Should I expect the right head pipe to smoke a bit longer burning gunk off it from previous leaks?

3. Is oil in the blow-by catch bottle most likely from too much oil in the bike? Any way to confirm this?

4. Any other thoughts, please?

5. Finally and utterly unrelated, can someone please describe the pieces/ sequence (bolt, washers, etc) for bolting the ears to the headlight bucket. Not sure I have all of this or if the order is correct. Do ears mate directly to the bucket or is there a washer between them?

Thank you

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Re: a series of questions - advice please

Post by leanjoe » Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:25 pm

#1 yes
#2 Yes
#3 Yes
#4 wish I could afford to have Pistolpete do my carbs.
#5 So an original Interstate made inot a standard ? No fairing ? On my old 75,the ears mounted directly to the bucket no washer between. Bolt,washer,ear,bucket,washer,lock washer,ground wire,nut.

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Re: a series of questions - advice please

Post by davekrovetz » Sun Sep 19, 2010 2:56 pm

Yeah, Pistol Pete cost a bit, but a) I got this bike really cheap so had some money left over to "invest" in it and b) he did a WAY better job than I could have, seems like my money was really well spent on his services. Thank you for your replies.

BTW, in the course of my repairs, I found a great source for metric and other o-rings: theoringstore.com Fast service, low prices.

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Re: a series of questions - advice please

Post by RBGERSON » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:40 am

Goldwings have a ascendancy to smoke on start up especially the left side..if on the side stand..but it should only last a minute or two..if it smokes more when hot..then bad rings, or valve seals..but this may clear up after you run it for a few 100 miles as the rings loosen up. One way to clean up the engine and loosen rings is to drain a quart of oil out put in some deisel, MMO or kerosene and run it easy for 100 miles drain and use fresh filter and oil.

The collector bottle fills over time with engine blow by..oil, water,

Leaking oil should burn off fairly quickly..if it's not leaking anymore. I'd power wash with hot water..use the little valve on your hot water heater..to get hot water..and rise off the pipes and valve covers well.



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