'81 smoke, knock, scoring, worn bearings-

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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'81 smoke, knock, scoring, worn bearings-

Post by daved81 » Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:33 pm

First I must say this is a VERY fine site!
My story- inherited an 81 Interstate with 25k miles on it. Had sat for 4 or 5 years. I rebuilt the carbs, changed gas, oil and filter, synched the carbs and have put about 250 miles on it. It runs smooth and strong. The problems- Massive amounts of smoke (bluish) on starts whether on side or center stand which will go away after 5-10 minutes. The smoke may come back at idle after fully warm. I also have a knock sound with rpm under accel loudest 3000+ rpm. Idle is pretty quiet. Also hear it revving to that speed in neutral. I changed the valve stem seals for an easy attempt for the smoking but no real change. Noted then that the cam lobes and rockers had scoring and wear- didn't like the look of that. I swapped in cams and rockers from an 1100 engine that came out of a previous project bike. Drove it a little more but just not liking the knocking sound (sounds like rapping on a piece of wood w/ eng speed).
Pulled the engine and split it- found all connecting rod bearings and crank bearings worn through to brass backing. #3 rod bearings were the worst so I'm thinking that would be the knock noise. Also #3 cylinder wall has mottled look to it while other cylinders look good with visible crosshatches. Obviously something went wrong- I was thinking coolant damage, overheating, low oil.
--Short question to a long story-- Does anyone know of a decent source for the bearings? I'm on the cheap here also. I would like to change the bearings, rings while in there, hone the cylinders, new gaskets and seals. I have yet to do further inspection but what I have seen so far is what is described above.
If new bearings are hard to get and/or super expensive, I'll split and check my spare engine and take the crank, rods and bearings if possible.
Hey, thanks for listening!

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Re: '81 smoke, knock, scoring, worn bearings-

Post by littlebeaver » Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:11 pm

On the 81's the slow or idle jets are pressed into a area that most fellows don't know about I sure didn't, there's a small tower with a hole in it, look down that hole and that's where the slow jets are, they are clogged up I bet, the 82's and 83's are easy to remove as they made a change so you could just unscrew the slow jets, the 81's are hidden and pressed in, they are not meant to be removed how ever they can be, I did it...I promised my mechanic I wouldn't tell his secret to remove them but others can tell you I bet, once I promise something I can't tell I'm honoring it..I can tell you this, once you clean them up the bike will idle right and you won't chatter at take off anymore and it will make you smile.. Here's a clue go to the NGW[naked Goldwing club] club for more on this subject there's a bunch of great guys there too just to help you....Good luck and tell us about it when you fix it..

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