Rear brakes barely working

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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Rear brakes barely working

Post by bcnv1100 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:07 pm

Hey all , I changed the brake pads on my 81 1100 yesterday. I started by printing out some instructions on rebuilding the brakes off a thread. But when i got to doing it i notices the one on the instructions had pads side by side and two pistons on the brakes. Mine had a single pad on either side of the disc. So i just unbolted the two bolts holding the brakes on then the pads just slid up and the new ones slid down in. Then i loostend the bleeder valve and pushed the piston all the way in. Then i tried bleeding the brakes but nothing was happening, none of the fluid was leaving the cylinder. I tried a few times nothing. Then i was poking around the cylinder and noticed there was an old rubber or whatever liner inside. I picked it out and it held all the fluid so none was going down the line to the brakes. The old liner thing fell right apart. It was part of the rubber seal between the cylinder and the cap so i'm sure thats not good. I filled the cylinder up again and started bleeding them again. Now the fluid is moving so closed it all up. The brakes are now barely working i know they are touching but it would take a long distance to stop the bike with just the back ones. I filled up the fluid but not sure whats going on. Could i be loosing pressure because of the liner thing?? I know the front one has that rubber piece in it when you go to fill it up but the back has nothing??? Any help!!!

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Re: Rear brakes barely working

Post by tprender » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:19 pm

The rubber piece is just a seal for the lid, if I think what you are talking about. Without that seal you will leak fluid out when you are riding and hitting some bumps. From what you talk about it sounds like you need to bleed the line somemore. New pads do take a little bit of time to wear in. Remember that a used rotor is not flat and the pads need to wear in to fit the surface of the rotor. With the wheel off of the ground, can you stop the wheel from spinning with the brake?
Also, my '81 only has the single piston for the front and rear brake. Some models had the duel pistons.

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