83 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate stored 5 years

Information and questions on GL1100 Goldwings (1980-1983)
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83 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate stored 5 years

Post by Seventy7 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:52 pm

I need advice, looking at purchasing bike with less than 50,000 miles (72000 kms)
with the following description "I parked the bike 5 yrs ago in the garage, put in stabilizer and pulled the battery. There was nothing wrong with it when I parked it. "
Seller has very clean garage and seems to maintain other equipment well; reason for parking bike was a non-related back injury.
Any suggestions as to what to look for, any special problems since sitting that long? Any help, suggestions greatly appreciated. :?:

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Re: 83 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate stored 5 years

Post by virgilmobile » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:17 am

As with any machine setting for many years...

Do not crank it without first REPLACING the timing belts.Get the Gates belts,about $15 each.
Replace the engine oil and add some MMO.

Crank the engine with no plugs in it till the oil light goes out.

You may want to drain the carbs and the tank ,add fresh gas with Sea Foam before trying to start it.

The worst case would be removing the carbs for cleaning.Even fuel stabilized gas won't last forever.

Put in the plugs and hopefully it will run great.

After that , consider the overall condition,brake fluid , Its at least 5 years old,flush it out.
Tires dry rot and hardened?General maintenance items like,brake pads,check the water pump bearing,fork oil ,replace gear oil in the rear end.The list is long but you get the idea.

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Re: 83 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate stored 5 years

Post by RBGERSON » Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:15 am

It depends how much does he want for it..what shape is the plastic in? If you do all the work yourself...Tires =at lease $200, carb rebuild $200 for parts, brake masters..$50, calipers $50, pads sets $25 each, new belts $40, new fork seals $40, tank cleaning/sealing $50, new brake lines $145. Of course you could just put some gas in it and a can of sea foam $9, bleed the brakes and go..if you are real lucky.

Mostly likely needed at least clean the tank, change the oil and filter, clean the carbs, new timing belts, tires and brakes.

Check the weep holes on the fuel pump and water pump if staining must be replaced..about $120 each plus gaskets $30. Check compression cold and not run in a while 130 would be good should be over 150 when hot ..170 is perfect.


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Re: 83 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate stored 5 years

Post by grumpling » Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:15 am

I am bringing one back to life that has sat since 1984. I replaced all fluids and using an external gas tank get her fired up and running real good. Now dealing with the gas tank and the 25 year old gas in it. Nasty stuff. Good luck.

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