air dam

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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air dam

Post by dbduely » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:22 pm

Has anyone installed a air dam on tier bike. I'm new to the goldwing. I just bought a gl1200 LTD. It seems to run a little hotter than I would like. Going down the road. It cools off perrty quick when you back out of it. The fan is working ok. I'm getting ready to replace the timing belts and will be putting in a new thermotat hoses. I will more than likely have the rad cleaned. But would like to know if one of this will help with the cooling here in Vegas. As it does get to darn hot, But I don't want to waiste money. I'm also in the restoring Sis gl1100i.Hope someone can answer this for me thanks.

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Re: air dam

Post by SilverDave » Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:32 pm

As I understand car " air Dams " they reduce the frontal air flow, in an effort to reduce lift of the front end at speed...

On a 1200, that might tend to make it run even hotter :o which would not be so good.

In my limited experience, 1200's do " run hot" on a warm day, and a great deal of this warm air comes bubbling up, past your legs .

I would applaud the rad cleaning, and the new hoses... although I don't think this will reduce the engine heat emission much .

Consider the extra heat as a wonderful thing to have on a nippy fall

I think that you might stay cooler by adding :
- side wings... perhaps two , upper and lowers , to direct the air around your legs
- a vented windshield, vented helmet ... m_search=1 ... 826471.htm
- Mesh jacket and mesh pants ( I use a Joe rocket convertible ("Alter Ego")
- a cooling inside vest cooler

and riding in the early am, and late PM... LOL

That being said, I have ridden a heat producing GL1200A thru the interior BC deserts, near Osysoos, on a 38+ degree day ( 100+ F) in windtight leathers, before I got my Joe Rocket and vest... and.... as long as you are hydrated, and move slowly, and have adsorbant underclothing on, the human body can stand even those extremes, with some mental concentration. Seek shade, rest often, drink lots ...

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