Darn side cover

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Darn side cover

Post by WVJefo » Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:48 pm

Hi guys.

Anyone try any tricks with their side cover?? As in replacing it? It seems the left one will go by the prices on eBay. $200+ for the left & 50 tp 75 for the right. Almost $300 for a set that will not match my bike. OOOCCCCHHH.

Lost left one on highway & watch a semi eat it. One genuis found the PoorBoy conv. Surely someone did a sidecover replace. Chrome would be nice.


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Re: Darn side cover

Post by zamboni920 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:23 pm

Most people on E-Bay knows what the items are worth, and what "supply vs. demand" means. If I were you, I would google and contact some bike junkyards.....don't go solely on what hey have listed for sale....of course they will list the big money makers as their priority.
I have , luckily, not had to replace any side covers yet. Have never heard of chrome side covers for the 1200. Parts are getting harder to come by, especially the plastic. Someone ought to start after market production ;) .

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Re: Darn side cover

Post by grains » Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:29 pm

Just as a side note. Somewhere on the net someone mentioned that a fishing leader clipped to your side cover and to the bike, will prevent them from flying the coop and stop this problem of trying to find another replacement. It cost me about 1.39 and a little work and it works great and is easily hidden as well as easily detached. BUT be sure not to buy them too long or it will save the cover only to drag it beside your bike.

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Re: Darn side cover

Post by ghostvet » Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:34 pm

Do not despair.

Keep looking on Ebay. I have seen done pretty outrageous prices there too. But then, I bought a pair for $30.00 a while back. So, they do get reasonable too.

Be patient young grasshopper. :D

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Re: Darn side cover

Post by firstwing » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:54 pm

This was a design flaw. They just flew off. And if you were lucky enough to keep yours secured, someone would probably swing by and steal it. There are after market manufacturers, some on this forum. I was offered one for around $125.00. Not bad. Keep looking and good luck.

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Re: Darn side cover

Post by CharlaineC » Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:44 pm

keep looking i found a full set for 50 recently

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Re: Darn side cover

Post by virgilmobile » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:16 pm

I also made my own "keeper " cables. A 3/16" ss cable through a mount then bolted to the bike.Ya can't cut the ss cable with a knife.

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