Missing Rebound Spring in Lft Front Forks GL1200 LTD

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Missing Rebound Spring in Lft Front Forks GL1200 LTD

Post by Dan1985 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:07 pm

Does anyone know of a recall on the GL1200 Front Forks. I am rebuilding the left fork, (I rebuilt this fork on this bike last fall, the spring was missing then). I did the forks last yr on this bike just before I sold it. The left one started leaking, so it came back. I have been looking for the rebound spring (Item 14 in the honda diagram), but this item is unavailable through honda. So I started to look on line, found another left fork, got it home and no rebound spring. ??? Was there a recall for some reason. See my next explaination.
I also have a GL1200LTD, rebuilt the forks and installed progressive, my bike has both rebound springs installed. I have noticed, when first riding in morning, when I hit a bump, it will rebound several times, before smoothing out.
The bike I am working on, a GL1200 LTD (Same model) without the left rebound spring. according to the owner. I did not test ride the bike before I took it apart. He said, he did not notice the rebound as I have noticed on my bike. Final, I am just wondering if one spring was left out to soften the rebound, or cut it in half. His bike also has the progressive springs. Could it have something to do with the cuping in the tire tread on the left side. Most bike mechanics or shops contribuit this wear to the crown in the road. I question this ??

He had some cuping in his front tire, left side when he recently put new tires on.

Would anyone have this spring hanging around, or from a pair of bent forks. Item 14 in the Honda diagram? Give me a cost with shipping. (503)504-1508 Bob


Any Ideas or answeres on why the bebound is missing??

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