Absolutely NO brakes on an 85 Aspencade

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Absolutely NO brakes on an 85 Aspencade

Post by Professor » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:24 pm

Hi Folks,

I actually thought I would be riding yesterday as the weather was fantastic for riding. :)

God, had other plans for me.

In the past month or so I have replaced the windshield then removed the windshield to put in a windshield vent. Replaced both throttle cables, installed a Back Off Wig Wag system for the Aspencade trunk light, installed a cigarette lighter and an additional power outlet, put a large decorative Eagle on the front fender, a tow bar, arm rests and cup holder for my Queen's throne, replaced my stock speaker grills with grills in better condition, worked on the air compressor system, installed a CB in the left lower fairing, installed a CB antennae mount (CB construction is not complete) replaced the throttle control switch with one that has a cruise control switch (system not complete yet), replaced the left turn signal, etc. switch, replaced the front tire plus other minor alterations/adaptations.

After being in the shop for more than a month I backed her out fired her up and found that I have absolutely NO brakes. It was then that I noticed my right fairing pocket area covered in brake fluid (evidently came from the brake fluid reservoir when I took apart to clean and widen brake pads to go back on wheel it MUST ??? have forced the brake fluid out of the reservoir???) then I walked the bike back into the shop in complete agony, me not the bike :).

My assumption? The front brake pads being off for a month MUST have gotten air into the brake system.

OK let's bleed the brake system I say to myself. Well I absolutely could not even begin to "break" he bleeder valves to an open position. I bathed the two front bleeder valves in PJ Blaster and then tried to loosen the valves after church today. No go! They will not even begin to "break" open.

Any suggestions as to why no brakes and how to bleed the system?


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