84 Interstate, low end issues

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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84 Interstate, low end issues

Post by Glen225 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:42 am

Hi all,
New to this fourum, I have used this and a few other sites in the past for refrences to fixing my first 84 Interstate, Well this past weekend I got another one in much nicer shape, 41000 an change miles on her, with a new bike comes new issues I suppose. Ive searched all around and seen some great articals and such but have my own questions now.

Heres whats going on. Bike runs great on the higher end of the rpm spectrum but I have the dreaded hesitation and spuddering on the lower end. As well
when I am up to running temp and come to stop at a light or sign, the rpms stay up in the 2500 area and slowly drop or I have to crack the throttle quick and then they will drop.
Already through 3/4 a tank of seafoam on the bike, Found the Mixture screws and have done a little tuneing and such with them to no avail.
When checking for vacuum leaks I can spray some break clean in there were all the vac lines are when its up to running temp it sometimes will effect
the idol sometimes it doesnt, so I am up in the air on if I have a vacuum leak or not. one thing I did notice when I was playing around with things
on the bike last night was with the Vac line that goes to the Left Rear intake housing. Im not sure if its suppost to hold pressure or not wich is were one
of my many questions comes in. I took that line off the idol dropped down a bit It seemed to run better, took it for a ride no more problems with the high
rpm but hessitation on the 1500-2200 mark is still there. I checked the vacuum of this line vs the line on my other gl seems this one holds vac and on the
other bike it slowly releases pressure.

My last bike was a rat, bought it chep, did what I had to do to make it rideable and rode it, this ones in very nice shape and Id like the engine to run top notch.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Heres a pic of Her
Heres a pic of Her

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